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September Stitch Fix

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

For this latest fix, I requested items that could transition into fall. The mornings have been cool and since it's already September, I have all things fall on my mind!

Since starting to add more items that I liked to my Pinterest board, it has really helped my stylist when picking out items I'll love! I highly suggest making a Pinterest board just for your Stitch Fix items! Plus be sure to follow my board for some fun ideas for your next Stitch Fix box!

Before I share what was in my latest box, here's a little bit more about Stitch Fix if you've never heard of it before.

To start, you head to Stitch Fix and fill out a style profile. This helps your stylist figure out what size, styles and items would work best for you. It's also great if you link your Stitch Fix profile to your pinterest board so that your stylist can see exactly what kinds of pieces you'd love to see in your fix!

Once you've completed your profile, it's time to schedule your first fix. It costs $20 to schedule, and that $20 goes straight towards one of the items in your box that you decide to keep. If you end up loving every piece and decide to keep all 5 items, you get 25% off the entire box. So basically it's best if you keep at least one item, so you're not throwing away your $20.

Once your fix arrives, you try on all of the pieces and decide what to keep and what to send back. The box comes with a prepaid mailing bag that you put everything you're returning back in and just drop it off at the post office. You have three business days from the time you receive your fix to get it back to the post office. It's as easy as that!

So here's my fourth fix!

Liverpool Jeans - Verdick: Sent Back
These jeans were both really comfortable and a great length. In the end, I just didn't really need another pair of jeans in this wash and cut so I decided to send them back. 

Dee Elle Cardigan - Verdict: Sent Back

This cardigan was both beautiful in color and super super soft. It almost made me want to take a nap in it. But once I put it on, I just didn't love the way the fabric laid so I decided to send it back. 

Paradigma Blouse - Verdict: Sent Back

Dan actually liked this top more than I did. I thought the print was a little more summer than fall. And when I put it on, it just felt a little too big on me. Overall I just didn't love it and couldn't see myself wearing it much. 

Market & Spruce Tee: Verdict: Sent Back

I liked this top, but it felt really basic to me and a little too thin for me to wear very often. In the end I have quite a few basic shirts to wear under sweaters and jackets so I decided to send this one back, but it was super soft and comfortable! 

Loveappella Top - Verdict: Kept

I absolutely loved this top as soon as I saw it and fell even more in love when I put it on! I've been totally eying the somewhat casual/dressy sweatshirt trend I'm seeing in all the stores and this one was perfect! I wore it even before I took the photos for this post, so clearly I'm keeping it! 

So that's it for my September Stitch Fix. Which items would you have kept? 

Family Friendly Waterfall Hikes - Central Oregon

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

One of our favorite things to do as a family is to go hiking. So when planning our summer vacation, finding family friendly hikes was at the top of our to do list. Before we headed out on our trip, I did lots of research on which hikes would be the best to take our daughter along with us. She just turned one and does great in the hiking pack, but its always important for us to remember that she's going to get hungry or might not handle the heat as well as we do. As we researched, we narrowed it down to three waterfall hikes that would be perfect stops on our trip. And even though we only made three stops, we actually saw more than 6 waterfalls on our hikes. So today I am sharing three great hikes in Central Oregon to do with or without kids.

Sahalie Falls and Koosah Falls
You can actually see both of these falls in one stop on your trip. The two falls are about a mile apart, and theres a path you can follow that takes you on a three mile loop where you pass each falls twice. The path follows the Mackenzie River, where you walk just feet from the water and even on a hot day, it provides a cool climate for the hike. We parked at the Sahalie Falls trailhead and hiked past both falls to the reservoir where you cross a bridge to the other side of the river and hike a trail back towards the falls. You can access both of these falls right off highway 126 west of Sisters. The parking area was extremely full and we had to wait a few minutes for a spot to park. I would probably try to park at the Koosah Falls parking area if we went again as we heard this was less crowded. Overall it was a fairly easy hike with some gorgeous views.
Tumalo Falls
You can view the falls just a short walk from the parking area, and after about a 1/4mile hike with some elevation climb the trail takes you right up next to the top of the waterfall. You can continue up the trail where you pass several smaller waterfalls. We saw many other hikers and quite a few mountain bikers during our hike. This trail is outside of Bend, and only took us about 25 minutes to get there. The parking area does fill up rather quickly, but there are spots to park along the road as well. We really liked this hike because of the gorgeous waterfalls and the fact that you could choose your own distance. It is an out and back hike, so you can hike as long as you want and then turn around to head back to the car.
  • The Forest Service provides great information on getting to the trail head, parking and the trail itself.

Proxy Falls 
Proxy Falls is one of the prettiest waterfalls we've seen this summer. It's just a 1.25 mile loop that has two additional paths that take you to the upper or lower part of the falls. With a hiking pack on, some of the trails down to the lower falls were a little tricky, but still managable. This hike is definitely a little more off the beaten path, just east of the Mackenzie River in the middle of the Cascades. We took the highway from Sisters, which provided a gorgeous scenic route to the hike, but I would recommend researching a quicker route if you're interested in doing this hike. It is definitely worth the drive though, because it's easy to see why it's one of Oregon's most photographed waterfalls.
  • This falls can be a little difficult to find, as we hoped we weren't completely lost on our way there. So make sure to check out the Eugene, Cascades and Coast website for location information before you head out! 

Each one of these hikes made for absolutely gorgeous views. I think Proxy falls was probably our favorite of all of them, but it took the longest to get to. Sahalie and Koosah Falls were nice because you got to see two falls in a short loop. But we loved how large Tumalo falls was and that the trail followed the river upstream so that you could see several other waterfalls along the trail and choose the length of hike that you were up for that day. I honestly would go back and visit each of these trails and found them perfect to do with a child. Oregon is such a gorgeous state, make sure to get out and enjoy it if you get the opportunity! 

What are your favorite hikes to do with kids? 

Finding Comfort in a Crazy Schedule in LuLaRoe

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

My schedule can be pretty busy on any given day. Today, for example, I was out the door dropping Harper off for her first day of day care at 7 and then headed to work. I work till 5 and then I'll head home and pick her up. We'll eat dinner and I'll be out the door again at 6:45 for my Baby Boot Camp workout class till about 8:30 when I'll head home, shower and get everything ready for the next day before bed. I try to cram a lot into each day during the week, especially since becoming a mom. It's pretty much non stop from the time my alarm goes off in the morning till the time I hit the pillow at night. And I know I'm not alone. There are tons of other moms out there in the same boat as I am! 

One of the things that has always taken the most time out of my morning routine is picking out what to wear. I'll stand in my closet trying on multiple tops and bottoms before I'm finally set on my outfit for the day. Even if I pick it out the night before, I still find myself changing my mind and standing there staring at all the different options in front of me. I want items that I'm comfortable in, but make me still look put together. In comes my new favorite line, LuLaRoe. 
LuLaRoe is sold by independent consultants, and with a bunch of them out there, where do you start. I tried on my first LuLaRoe piece at a home party a few months ago and fell in love. But I'm not always able to make it to weekday or even weekend evening parties with our busy schedule, so I found LuLaRoe Busy Blessing Boutique Facebook group and started shopping their online sales. In the above photos I am wearing a LuLaRoe Irma top and a Maxi skirt. The thing I love most about these clothes is that I can pair them several different ways. The outfit above is perfect for wearing to work. But then when I get home, I can throw on some of their buttery soft leggings along with the top I was already wearing for the perfect evening outfit, like I'm wearing below. 
I love the ability to shop from home and find comfortable pieces that work for any occasion or day of the week. LuLaRoe Busy Blessing Boutique has been such an awesome group to be a part of. The consultants are amazing and went above and beyond to look for a specific size and pattern I was interested in. They checked in to make sure I loved every piece they sent me and are always offering fun giveaways and checking in with their shoppers to get their input. And if you're interested in trying out LuLaRoe for the first time or just want to add to your collection, just join LuLaRoe Busy Blessing Boutique Facebook group and comment SOLD BB Blogger on the item you want in their next sale and they will give you $5 off your first purchase any time before the end of October! Plus they are also giving my readers a chance to win a free pair of leggings. All you have to do is enter the giveaway below! 

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Have you tried LuLaRoe before? What are your favorite styles? 

LuLaRoe Busy Blessing Boutique provided these outfits for me to try. All opinions are my own.