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Why I Took A Break From Blogging

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I figured since my last post was my "I'm Back" announcement, I figured it was only customary to explain why I took a break. So that's what today's post is all about.
Last fall, I was spending a lot of time contemplating what was next for me. After having Harper and becoming a mom, I really struggled with figuring out where I was supposed to be work wise and how to make what I wanted become a reality. With my husband's unconventional work schedule, he was spending considerably more time with Harper than I was, and as a new mom that was one of my biggest struggles.

Before having kids, I never saw myself as someone who could be a stay at home mom, or even someone who would want to. I love having something for me, and I wanted to always contribute financially to our family, so I never thought staying home would be something I'd want. But after having Harper, everything I thought I wanted shifted. I still wanted and needed something for me, but I longed to be home more.

So when the opportunity presented itself, and all the pieces sort of fell into place, I made the decision to leave my office job, and work from home to run my own business. Leaving my 8-5 office job and join LuLaRoe and start my own business have been such a blessing to my life and to our family's life! I'm home with Harper every single day and it has allowed Dan to be a part of more opportunities at work. While I never saw this as part of my original plan, I'm so happy I took this leap.

One my biggest hurdles when it comes to any aspect of life is dealing with change and being okay when every single detail isn't planned or mapped out. You can ask my husband, he'll agree! So making this huge change and taking this leap of faith wasn't something I'd done very often, but I'm so thankful I did.

But in this huge transition, I felt like all my time needed to be focused on my new business and making it successful. I felt this so much so, that it's all I did. When Harper was napping, I worked. When Harper was at day care or was hanging with my mom or husband, I worked. After she went to bed at night, I worked. All I did every day was take care of Harper, run errands or work. And I didn't leave myself too much extra time for me or to do other things I enjoyed. And while that has really helped establish my business, I'm to the point where I can give myself some grace, schedule time to do fun things as a family (especially since that's why I wanted to make this job change), and get back to doing other things I love, like blogging; while still running and successful business and being a mom.

Like I said in yesterday's post, I'm not sure what my blogging schedule will look like or how regularly I'll post in this space, but I do want to capture more memories and share what our little family is up to. This space started as a way for me to document a job and life change I was going through nearly 4 years ago, so it seems a shame to not continue to blog when I'm going through the same things. I'm really excited and happy to be back to posting on here and sharing my feelings and our experiences, more than anything else for me! But I'm excited to connect with all of you again too!! I've missed this space and my followers so much!! I'm happy to be back!

I'm Back!

Monday, June 19, 2017

It's been a long time since I've typed in my blog address and clicked new post, but I've been longing to be back in this space. For over three years I came to this page daily, if not multiple times a day and share about our life, followed other's lives and made some awesome friends. When I made a huge job and lifestyle change back at the beginning of November, I sort of got lost in all the changes and adjusting to our new normal and this blog took a back seat.

I've been thinking about coming back and posting here daily or at least most often, for a while now, and finally after thinking about it multiple times a day, I decided I just needed to do it! I may not post here as often as I was before, but I definitely want to get back to posting more frequently. 

Lots has happened since I stopped blogging and I want to share some of those things as I catch back up. I started a new job, I crossed a few things off my bucket list, we took a couple family trips and a whole lot more! Bare with me as I catch up on everything that's been happening with our little family! 

But to start with I just wanted to say hello again, and let you all know that I'm back, maybe not full time back, but at least part time! I'm so excited to share our memories and adventures in this space again and catch back up with all of you! I've missed my readers, blogging friends and this space more than you know! 

Welcome back to this space if you've been here before, and Welcome to those of you who are new! 

I'm thrilled to be back and can't wait to share my stories, adventures and life with all of you! 

A Super Delayed Holiday Recap

Monday, January 23, 2017

Hello, is anyone out there? Sorry for the absence, but life and a new business and the holidays and well life again got busy and I kept meaning to get back here and say hello but I just couldn't get myself to do it. But here I am, back here today and excited to start writing here more. I want to share our holiday recap including out New Years trip and some goals I have for myself in the upcoming year. But let's start from where we sort of left off, the holidays.

Our holidays are different each and every year. Being married to someone who works the holidays and having other family members with work schedules that require them to work those days as well can make it difficult. This year my mom had to work Thanksgiving and Dan had to work the day after so we celebrated several different days for each holiday. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving we celebrated with my family. We hosted at our house and got to make the dinner and spend the day with my parents, brother and his girlfriend. On Thursday we celebrated with Dans family and got to help make some of the dinner and spend some time with his Mom and Aunts. It's been a few years since we had gotten to celebrate with his extended family for Thanksgiving so it was nice to have Harper take part in some of those traditions.
We got our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, which is always an adventure and one of my favorite days of the year. This year, with Harper being able to help walk around and pick the perfect tree, my heart was so happy! Getting the tree always seems like the official kick off to the Christmas season and the best way to start decorating the house!
Our Christmas was absolutely perfect, aside from Dan having to work Christmas day. But we made the best of it. We celebrated with our family of three on Christmas Eve. We opened gifts together that morning and then had breakfast.
After lunch we headed over to my parents to open gifts with them and enjoy our Christmas dinner with them and my brother and his girlfriend.

On Christmas Day, we spent the morning hanging out with my parents. That afternoon we headed down to the station to have dinner with Dan since he was on shift. They did a big pot luck dinner so everyone's families could eat and enjoy time together for the holiday. It was really nice to still be able to see and spend time with him even though he was working.
Our holidays were super drawn out, just like they are every year, but it was really nice to get to spend time with everyone, even if it was on different days! I love Christmas time, and having a little one to share the magic with makes it even better! What were your favorite parts of the holidays?