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Favorite Things

Monday, June 24, 2013

I have always loved watching Oprah’s Favorite Things show or Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways…I think it’s something about the craziness of all of the stuff they give to their audience. As I sit there watching these shows, I think so myself, what are my favorite things that I would give to people? So that’s when I came up with this post of five of my current favorite things . . . .

1. Anthropologie Mugs: I have 3 of them. . . . and secretly wish I had more names so that I could buy more. We have the L for my name, the D for my husband, and then the B for our last name. Maybe I should buy the H for my maiden name and the R and J for my parents names  . . .  that’s not too over the top right?

2. Harney and Sons Paris Tea – This is my favorite morning, afternoon, or evening drink. I came across this tea at Dutch Bros. It is amazing hot and iced! I love it hot during the winter with some non-fat milk in it (I apparently think I’m English), and in the summer I love it iced with some peach flavoring in it! AMAZE!! I already purchased peach syrup for home, but I may have to order some of this tea online as well to save me some time and money in the mornings. Let me know if you try it and how you like it?

3. My Own Pet Balloon – If you know me, or you continue to read my blog for a while you’ll soon learn that I am a sucker for little things that make me smile throughout the day. One day, my coworker was having a tough day and had been struggling with some events and just feeling down. In an effort to cheer her up we thought we would get her a balloon and some flowers or chocolates. We didn’t like any of the pre-inflated balloons so we looked through their balloon book, and there she was! They had these inflatable balloon animals. Obviously we were going to get the inflatable dog over the “we’re proud of you” balloon. She became a member of our “team” and would travel from desk to desk for months. Honestly it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time! Next time I need a pick-me-up, I may just have to find some more of these amazing faux animals! Check out their website if you want to see all the amazing options there are!!

4. Canon 60D – A few years ago, my father in-law let my husband and I borrow one of his cannon cameras so we could take better photos of my brother’s senior year of football. He had several extra, so letting us borrow one was no hardship to him. We took lots of football pictures, and it soon just became a necessary accessory to any day trip or vacation. After thousands of pictures and hours of use, the camera stopped working. We called several camera places and repair shops but found it would be more expensive to fix it than it was worth. To my surprise, my parents had been planning on getting me a camera for my college graduation gift. Since then, I have fallen even more in love with this model than the 20D I was using. I continue to learn more about the different functions and settings, but love every minute of it!

5. Bird Necklace - If you know me, you know I am almost always wearing something with a bird on it. Birds have always been a symbol of my grandparents to all of my family members, so I like to have one on me most of the time. As a new job gift, my mom got me a new bird themed necklace and I LOVE it. It’s a small round bead with two birds sitting on branches carved out of it. I wear it all the time! It’s simple and small, but still lets me have that piece of my grandparents with me at all times. My mom found it on Etsy, and I am so glad that she did!

Take a few minutes and create a list of five of your favorites and share them either in the comments or your own blog post. Just make sure to let me know, so I can check out what your favorites are!