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Five On Friday

Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Friday! Week 3 of my new job is complete and I am enjoying it more and more as the time passes. I was reading another blog who was doing a 5 on Friday and I decided that would be pretty fun to do. Here are my 5 for today…

I am excited that it is finally the weekend and that I get to spend it with Dan. He worked extra this week and had a night meeting so we haven’t spent much time together. He talked me in to doing a garage sale on Saturday, which I wasn’t too excited about, but it’s growing on me. At least it will give us a reason to just hang out in the sun and get the garage organized and get rid of all our extra “stuff”. I can’t wait to sleep in on Sunday and possibly go out on the boat my father in-law is thinking about buying. All in all, I am just looking forward to some relaxing time with the hubby.
Here’s a picture of me and my sweet fireman :) 
I’m looking forward to going to the Relay For Life of McMinnville tonight after work. This is one of the events I staffed before my new job and I am looking forward to going to support my former committee and friends. They have done such an amazing job this year, and I am so proud of all of their accomplishments. They are going in to the event at over $53,000 already raised!! I couldn’t be happier for the entire committee, teams, and participants! They are truly an inspiration, and it is because of amazing volunteers like them that we will one day put an end to cancer.

I’m looking forward to getting some new work clothes this weekend. I’m sure the hubby is pretty excited for me to drag him shopping with me, but I really need some new clothes for my new office. Finding some new work clothes is at the top of my list of to do’s lately. I have spent a bunch of time on pinterest searching for ideas and inspiration, so I am hoping to have a successful trip to the outlets this weekend. Starting my new job has been great, but a whole different realm and environment than I’m used to, and a new wardrobe, or at least some more professional pieces is necessary. Hopefully I will find some great pieces and hopefully some deals as well.

Any suggestions for work attire?
Any ideas on how to look older or more professional?

Here are some of the ideas I’ve pinned that I’m thinking of trying to find . . .

I’m excited that today is the first full day of summer!! I love the summer time and the warm weather. Hopefully Dan & I will get to do some camping, take some trips to the beach, and do some exploring of Oregon this summer together!

I am excited because I have been trying to update my blog and follow other bloggers and just become more a part of the blogging world lately. I have spent countless hours reading, writing, researching, and editing this week and hope to now try to get more followers. Any suggestions on changes or improvements are much appreciated!! And please follow me! 

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!!!