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Monday, June 24, 2013

I am excited to share my running journey with the blog world in my quest to build my endurance and become a more seasoned runner.

I think because of my upbringing, I am destined to run. From about age 1, I have been around running. Running is present in most of the people on my Mom’s side of the family. My grandmother ran her first marathon at age 60, and another at 65 (how many grandmas can say that?!? Pretty awesome!) My parents were avid runners and would always take me in the baby jogger along with them on their runs. I can remember many a weekend, as I got older, where I would start the day off riding my bike along side one of my parents running. My mom ran her first marathon for her 40th birthday, and my dad ran his for his 50th. Needless to say, both of my parents and my grandma are amazing!

After Dan (my husband) spent some time around my parents, he too got in to running. Watching Dan complete his first half marathon really motivated me to join all of them. My mom and I ran my first race on Mother’s day weekend. We completed the Hippie Chick Half Marathon. Finishing a race like that is one of the coolest feelings, and doing it with my mom was even better. Since then I have run a couple 5k’s and two more half marathons, but I have never been completely satisfied with my times.

(Dan & Me after his Pacific Crest Half Marathon) 

This year, I decided to push myself a bit more. Dan and I joined a team to run Hood To Coast, which is a 299 mile relay race from Mt Hood to the Oregon Coast. After my three legs of running, I will have completed about 17 miles. If that wasn’t enough, I decided that since I will have already trained for that race, I might as well run the Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon the next weekend with both of my parents. I’m not crazy right?
(This is Mom, Dan, & I after the Wine Country Half last September) 

Growing up around running, and watching your family and loved ones complete races with ease can be really motivating, but can also be discouraging. While we all know that it takes hard work and dedication to complete any accomplishments, we can sometimes forget that when looking from the outside. Sure I’ve completed a few races, but during all of them I think to myself how if I had trained more or kept up my consistency, it wouldn’t be so difficult. The past few years, after all of my races I just stop running for a while, I loose my motivation, and a lose my endurance. Once I get motivated to start running again, it is really difficult to get to the point where it’s easy and enjoyable.
(The is right before my second half marathon - The Eugene Women's Half) 

As a health educator and a public health advocate, I want to be proud on a daily basis of the way I live my life. I’ve decided I’m sick of thinking about making a change; I want to make it and be better for it! This summer Dan and I are joining a community garden to incorporate more fresh sustainable food practices in to our lives. Along with that, I want to incorporate running more into my life, and get to the point where it isn’t so difficult. So along with starting my blog to get writing and recording our lives, I also want to keep track of my running accomplishments. My goal is to not only motivate myself through blogging and keeping myself accountable, but to hopefully motivate other new runners as well.