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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Does anyone else remember the show Where In The World is Carmen San Diego? Maybe its because I spent so much time watching that show as a child that I al always wanting to plan out my next adventure.

Traveling is one of my husband and My favorite things. Over the past 7 years that we have been together, we have been lucky enough to go on some pretty amazing vacations. Here are some pictures from the trips we have taken together . . .

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with our roommate Justin

Niagara Falls/Upstate New York to visit my family and friends

A Cruise to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Our honeymoon to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Disneyland for our good friend’s 30th birthday

A honeymoon do-over to Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico (long story, but the first one didn't go as planned at all!) 

Las Vegas with Friends & another trip by ourselves

Playa Del Carmen with our former roommate Justin

Colorado for my cousin's wedding with family

San Diego & Disneyland to watch baseball

See what I mean, we LOVE to travel, and have really had some amazing trips together!! But we have also sort of overdone the Mexico trips. While it is less expensive and nice to do all-inclusives, we are pretty much Mexico'd-out

Now that we have been married for almost 3 years (as of next Monday), people are really starting to ask us when we plan on starting a family. Our most common response is “not yet”, or “maybe in a year or two”. I think the biggest thing holding us back is we really want to travel some more together before we start a family. We are both really excited and looking forward to the day that we will be ready to have children, but feel like we want to at least take one more big trip before we start down that new journey.

So where should that next trip be? I am always a fan of somewhere warm and sunny. My idea of a perfect vacation includes sun, pools, and tropical drinks . . . . and of course my husband there to share all of that with me.  We have been thinking about possibly doing another cruise somewhere in the eastern Caribbean, but I would LOVE to hear your suggestions. We are always up for a new adventure and love to explore new places and cultures together. So please leave your ideas or suggestions, and remember to follow my blog! Thanks! 

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