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Throwback Thursday - Princess Style!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Happy Throwback Thursday! It’s a little gloomy here in Oregon this morning, and as I was sitting at my desk trying to decide what to write about I found myself thinking how I wish I had a reason to get all dressed up! What girl doesn’t love to get dressed up? I mean I know there are some, but that’s definitely not me! 

I can probably owe my obsession with all things girly and pink to my mom. When I was little she made me the coolest dress up box. She went around to different consignment and antique shops and found fancy dresses that she could alter to allow me to fit in them. She compiled them all together in one large chest with crowns, high heels, and fake jewelry, which my friends and I spent hours trying on, hosting fashion shows, and changing outfits. It was my favorite toy and one I spent hours having fun with! Even as a teenager and now as an adult, I still enjoy those moments of fun where I get to be goofy or get all dolled up and remember being 3 and hosting fashion shows for my grandparents in their living room! 

My goal and hope for all of you (and for myself), that you still get a piece of that childhood fun and can plan a day or night where you can get all dolled up!