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Wednesday Walks with Cooper

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I have seen this on a few different blogs and it inspired me. (I hope Jennifer & Zoe over at Sweet Southern Wife doesn't mind I borrowed her idea) I often find myself sitting on the couch wondering what my dog is really thinking and if he could talk what he’d say. I’ve decided to dedicate Wednesday’s to Wednesday Walks with Cooper. On Wednesdays, Cooper will cover his weekly news and thoughts. So grab your walking shoes, a leash, and your favorite companion and join us on Wednesdays!

Hey Guys! Coop here, for your first Wednesday Walk with Cooper. Now try to keep up, cause I have lots of ground to cover!

Monday night was the series finale part 2 of the Bachelorette and thank goodness that’s over. While many people were hoping for Brooks to realize he’d made a mistake and come jogging back, I was happy with the ending. I was a Chris fan all along! Maybe it had something to do with the fact that he’s from the next town over, but I just liked how comfortable they were together!

The 10-year anniversary of The O.C was Monday. Hard to believe it’s been that long, especially when Mom watches it in bed all the time since she owns all 4 seasons. Something about the lack of dogs and plethora of water polo players, but I’d much rather watch Friends reruns any day!

The weekly episode of Gulianna & Bill was on last night where they discussed plans for their 6-month birthday party for their son Duke. Now I am all about a party, but going all out for your 6month old seems a little much. It seems as though celebrities are looking for any excuse to host a party or show off their homes or children. What about their dogs?

On a different note, how about them Braves? The Atlanta Braves have won the last 12 straight games and are 13 ½ games up in their division. Our house of Braves fans is definitely hoping for a good run in the post season from our favorite team! My new Braves collar is in the mail as we speak. I can wear my Braves collar during baseball season and my Oregon Ducks collar for football season! 

Well that’s all for this stroll around the neighborhood. Its time for me to go enjoy the sunshine! Join us next Wednesday for my walk!