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Friends Addiction

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

22 Signs You May Still Be Addicted to Friends

1.  You can tell seasons apart based on the characters’ hairstyles
2.  You can’t go to sleep without watching at least two episodes
3. When somebody tells you they watch Friends it’s not just a casual comment. You freak out because you realize you’re going to have conversations about plots and themes and Gunther.
4. You use catch phrases in your everyday life.
5. You can quote every line without hesitation, no matter how complex they may be.
6. You watch Friends so much you start to believe they’re your real friends . . . . And if people tell you differently, you just ignore them.
7. You own the French poster in Monica’s apartment, and it’s framed . . . and hanging about your TV… just like Mon.
8. You attend Friends trivia nights, and get creative with your team name.
9. When referring to the love of your life, you use this term . . . You’re my Lobster
            And whenever you move furniture you scream this “PIVOT”
10. When someone asks you to pick a favorite character, you can’t because you love all of them equally and unconditionally.
11. You do the “four claps” during opening theme song without missing a beat
12. You gradually become like the characters over time . . . without noticing
13. You adopt Pheobe’s alias in certain situations you don’t have to reveal your real name
14. Even if you’ve seen the series more than 15 times, every episode still makes you laugh uncontrollably
15. You not only know how to play “smelly cat” on the guitar, but you believe it’s never smelly cat’s fault
16. You avoid watching Ross and Rachel break up because you don’t want to see your friends experience that awful pain
17. You bake Friends-themed birthday and wedding cakes
18. When someone talks smack about Friends, or says they’ve never watched an episode, you genuinely feel insulted.
19. You know all the answers from the Season 4 trivia episode
20. You know how to perform “the routine”
21. You cry hysterically at the series finale because your friends are leaving you forever
22. But then you remember almost every TV channel in the universe broadcasts reruns, so you don’t really have to say good-bye to your friends.

Okay, Okay so maybe I’m not as bad as all of these 22 reasons, but I am definitely slightly obsessed with the show. I have been known to find and watch Friends while vacationing in Mexico. I also own two copies of season 10 on DVD because I thought I had lost disk 1 to that season, and what friends lover could be without the Fajitas & Spray Tan episodes?!? I also own the Friends trivia game, but don’t have anyone to play it with cause no one wants to play with me. Anyone want to meet up for a Friends Trivia Night?  I’ll bring the wine!

As dumb as it sounds, I learned a lot from watching friends…

Maybe I should turn it into a workout since I watch it so much . . .

We have Direct TV for our cable provider and most nights of the week I can find Friends on channel 299 and 300 from 9:00-11:00 so I flip back and fourth between the two episodes while trying to fall asleep. If for some reason it isn’t on, I just pop in one of my DVD’s (because of course I own every season).  When Dan and I first started dating he would dread the night’s I would make him sit and watch Friends with me, now he secretly likes it. It doesn’t matter what my mood is, I am always in the mood to watch Friends. There are very few shows that can make me laugh out loud at every episode and that I could watch over and over again without getting tired of it!

Please tell me I’m not the only one with this obsession?!? Who else loves Friends? And what are your favorite episodes?