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Happy Fall!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy first day of fall! It’s hard to believe it’s already nearly October. Every year I get so excited that fall is almost here that I cut summer a bit short. Sorry summer, I’ll try better next year! Since I am list obsessed, I decided to make a bucket list for this fall. In Oregon, fall seems to speed by before I even know what hit me, but this year I am going to try to accomplish some of my favorite things about this season!

Fall Bucket List:
-       - Make homemade apple cider
-       - Make my Halloween costume
-       - Visit a pumpkin patch
-       - Go through a corn maze
-       - Make an apple pie
-       - Carve pumpkins
-       - Take some fall photos
-       - Redecorate the porch
-       - Go to a Halloween party
-       - Make gluten-free pumpkin bread

I’m so excited for all my favorite parts of this season from boots, to sweaters, apples to pumpkins, and scarves and jackets. I’m also excited because I get to visit my hometown this fall and hopefully show Dan some of the beautiful Upstate New York fall colors. I haven’t been back during the fall for nearly 12 years, so I am thrilled to spend a few days there.

What are your fall traditions? Anything fun on your bucket list?