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Weekend Whirlwind

Monday, September 16, 2013

It's Monday morning already and I'm a little tired from my weekend! I need to get better about not trying to accomplish so much on each of my weekends. Dan always tells me I need to be able to have days where I don't plan every hour of the day and try to do too much. For some reason I have it in my brain that if I am not getting something done, then my day was a waste. This leaves me tired from my weekend on a Monday morning like I am today! Luckily, I just have to get through this week to make it to a relaxing weekend away at the beach! 5 days Libby, just 5 days!! 

Dan worked, so after a short visit at the station to say hi to him, I headed home and curled up in bed by 8pm. I can't say I minded being able to just cozy up in bed and watch mindless TV. 

Once Dan got home we headed out for a run. We got about 4 miles in and felt good to keep up the training. I am hoping to continue to sign up for runs to motivate myself. If I don't have a goal in mind, I lack a lot of the motivation to keep up my mileage and training. After our run we ran a couple errands and then watched the Oregon Duck game! GO DUCKS!! That evening we headed to the local Oktoberfest with a few friends. What a people watching experience and an all around fun evening. Here's some pics from our evening. 

Sunday totally exhausted me! We were up and in the kitchen by 9am. We had about 75lbs of tomatoes that we wanted to can into tomato sauce and since this is such a long process, we wanted to get started early. 

We took a short afternoon break to visit the winery where we were married with my parents to attend their wine club party. It was nice to take a break and spend some time with my parents. I always love visiting where we were married. It always brings me back to that day and it just relaxes me to be there. 

By 4 we were back in the kitchen to start Applesauce and finish up the pasta sauce. (I'll post the recipes later this week) It wasn't until almost 10 Sunday night that we were finally finished. We ended up with 20 jars of applesauce and 28 jars of pasta sauce. 

All in all a successful weekend, but definitely looking forward to a less busy weekend next weekend. 

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