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Fall Friend Traditions - Guest Post

Thursday, October 31, 2013

I'm really excited to introduce you to Renee. I love following her blog and hearing about anything from her running adventures, to her fun adventures with friends and her sweet boyfriend. This girl is super sweet & I am so glad I have found her little piece of the blog world!! Take it away Renee :) 

A huge thank you to Libby for letting me take over her blog for the day! :) 

I'm Renee and I blog over at Gettin Fit Fab! I am twenty-something that is living up her life in Long Island, New York. I am in love with my boyfriend Anthony, sports fanatic, and am 100% addicted to running. I am currently in training for a 10 Miler that is January 19 2014. On my blog it's all random all the time, I blog everything from, my day to day life, my love life, crazy happenings, my weight loss, running schedule, and anything that comes to mind. I am a little crazy but definitely lovable, I love my friends and my readers; I hope you come check out my blog and stay a while♥

Today I'll be telling and showing you through pictures a fall tradition that my family and friends do each year. It's for my cousin Pam's Birthday and it being in October we always do something Fall related. But it always ends with a Haunted Corn Maze! 

We usually start the day with cocktail hour at my cousins house, with some finger foods and some drinks. 

Low and behold cocktail hour at 1pm :) I am in the gray shirt cheesing real hard. 

After waiting for everyone to arrive we got into our cars and made the one hour trek out east (on Long Island, NY) to Harbes farm. We started out at 3pm with Wine Tasting and some pumpkin picking. 
We got lucky that both of those were in the same location and got to walk around with some wine and pick some pumpkins! 

Our group of crazies :) 

My self (I am the one holding the mini pumpkin) and Pam with one of my little baby pumpkins. 

We were at the wine bar and snapped some shots. 

It was actually amazing pricing, 3 for $10 | 4 for $12 | 5 for $15. 
This was most of our first wine tasting so it was definitely an experience to be had. 
It was a nice day and we got to sit at a table out side and relax and be as sophisticated as possible... which was basically non existent. 

After Wine Tasting and Pumpkin picking we hit up a Pizza parlor and snacked some before beginning the 5 minute track back to the Haunted Corn Maze.

7pm we arrived, ate some candy (YUP that happened), put on some glow bracelets, pre-gamed with some beers, ate some cookies, than got all of our flash lights and made our way to the main building.

You always need 'proof' ;) of how many people you go into the corn maze with. Even though we were already missing 4 people, they 'snuck' into the corn maze and were waiting in the corn to scare all of us. 

Going through the maze, we were about 20 mins away from finding the end of the maze. 

The last bridge which basically helped us get away from the zombie that was chasing behind us. Haha.

The 'end' picture, It's almost all of us, minus 2 people that left before the picture was taken. 

We always close down the night with Applebees, 2-Fers & Half off Apps can't beat that! We had about 24 of us sitting at a couple of tables just talking the night away. 

My fall tradition is definitely more on the adult side of things, but it is definitely a treat to have a middle of the day get away. All of us are either in school or work full time so it was nice to be adults but have fun doing 'childish' activities.