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Random Rant of the Week: Questions to the World

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I was having a really frustrating day on Monday and felt like if I got some of my annoyances out on paper, that maybe some of you would share in my frustration and maybe I would feel a bit better.

To the Universe: Why is it on the day I am thinking about buying the Focus T25 workout dvd’s ad’s for them pop up on my screen and sidebar all day long?!? The universe is clearly trying to tell me something! (On a side note, has anyone tried these out and like or dislike them?)

To Work Lady: Why is it when we are grown adults (you being probably at least twice my age), you insist on basically tattling on me and asking someone else to find out the status of a project we are working on together instead of just picking up the phone and calling me yourself?

To Random Girl: Why is it you insist on making up stories so that no one really knows who you’re spending time with or what you’re doing?? With this social media obsessed world, people are bound to put two and two together and figure out you’re hiding something or lying . . . even though I have absolutely no idea what that might be or why you would lie! (Note to girl, don’t check in on facebook or post things on instagram when you told people you wouldn’t be there)

To Annoying Driver: I see you in the same red car every day when I get off work, and I also see that there has been road construction for the last five months where the left lane has been closed that entire time. So why do you still insist on driving as far as you can in that left lane till it ends and then act like you didn’t know and make someone feel bad for you and let you over?!? You can stare at me with those I’m sorry I’m stupid eyes for as long as you want; I’m not going to let you in!

To Stupid Drunk Girl: When you come up and ask my husband if he wants to dance with you, while he has his arm around me, I don’t want you to then stand around and try to be my friend. I get that your drunk, but I don’t care. I am pretty sure that alcohol doesn’t hinder your eyesight so much that you couldn’t see him dancing with me, or the fact that we are both wearing our wedding rings.

To my Lazy Self: Why is it you know you need to set aside time in the morning to work out, but you can’t get your lazy butt out of bed a half hour early to do a workout dvd! You know you aren’t going to want to work out when you get home from work, so instead of laying in bed awake for an hour before actually getting up, get up and do something!

So there are my rants for the day . . . sorry for rambling on. Am I the only one that deals with these annoyances? I do my best to be patient and happy all the time, but sometimes you just have to be honest!