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The Dog Behind the Blog

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I always find it funny when people ask Dan and Me if we have kids and my response is, well our pets are our kids. We definitely want to have kids of our own some day, but enjoy having the flexibility and freedom to travel for the time being. With Dan working 24hour shifts and being gone so much, it is really nice to have company at home. That’s where Cooper comes in. Before we had a dog, I used to worry about being home alone, and would honestly lay in bed scared on several different occasions. Having a dog has helped me feel so much safer and less lonely!

Having a dog was something I always planned on doing when I got my own house. Growing up with a golden retriever, that’s the breed I thought I wanted. Dan and I had met with breeders, visited dogs, and even were planning on putting a down payment on a puppy. We had our heart set on a golden retriever puppy that would be ready to bring home right after our honeymoon. It was perfect timing, and all falling in to place . . . or so we thought.

Late one Saturday night in the end of February we got a phone call from Dan’s Dad. He started asking all sorts of random questions about what type of dog we wanted, how much they cost, and when we were planning on getting one.  Turns out, he had gone to an auction, and won a puppy in a spur of the moment decision. He wanted us to come take a look and decide if we wanted to keep him. Well of course once you lay your eyes on an 8-week-old puppy, you’re hooked.

We decided to sleep on the decision and think about whether or not this was what we really wanted. We didn’t have anything for a puppy…no leash, crate, food bowl, toys, or even a yard with grass. It was the middle of winter in Oregon, which means rain, and mud and we would have to walk the dog every time he needed to go outside because our backyard was currently just mud waiting for the springtime to be finished. We went back and fourth trying to make the best decision for us and for the dog. We knew if we didn’t take him, that Dan’s parents would keep him and they wouldn’t be able to handle a 70lb dog once it was full grown.

So that was it . . . we made the decision to keep him. He wasn’t a golden retriever, but a purebred black lab. It wasn’t perfect timing, but he is totally a momma’s boy and always protects me and keeps me company. And it wasn’t exactly how we had planned it, but he’s a great dog. While there were several times when we reconsidered our decision and times when we talked about finding him a new home, but he’s turned out to be a great addition to our family. He’s funny, loyal, smart, protective, and a great snuggler!

Moral of the story . . . don’t buy someone a dog as a gift without talking to them first!