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Weekend Snapshots

Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Monday! This week is sure to be crazy and full of fun....but because it is going to be so busy and my weekend was filled with so many blog worthy moments, I am going to fill this post with snapshots of my weekend. From making homemade apple cider, picking grapes for our own wine, finishing up our homemade halloween costumes, and buying over 20 yards of fabric . . I have lots to share with you coming up! Here's a little sneak peak at what you might be in store for in the coming few days (sorry to those of you who already saw some of my weekend via my instagram). Hope everyone has a fabulous week!

Pressing the apples to make cider

Saturday Morning picking Pinot Noir gapes to make Rose wine

Saturday night halloween party with friends

Over 20 yards of fabric later . . . . 

Sunday night . . . showing up to dinner with my BFF wearing the same outfit! 

Happy Monday!