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10 Things Most People Don't Know About Me

Friday, November 22, 2013

I've been noticing on facebook lately, this post going around about things you may not know about someone. I'm not really about the whole "like this post and i'll give you a number" thing, or "repost this or we aren't true friends". While I'm not one of those people, I did think it would be fun to share some things that most people don't know. 

One:  I hate dark chocolate . . . and I'm not even a huge fan of milk chocolate. But I will devour white chocolate any day of the week! 

Two: I clean when I am mad or stressed. It's usually how Dan knows something is wrong because I just start organizing everything in sight. This week has been really stressful with a lot of family stuff going on with Dan's Dad in the hospital, so I plan on organizing tomorrow morning to help me feel better! 

Three:  I'm afraid of the dark, and thunder and lightning storms. I have been afraid of the dark since I was a little girl (it's truly amazing that I am fine being home alone a third of the time). I have also been in a building that's been hit by lighting and also on a boat in ocean in the middle of a horrible storm. You can basically count on me bursting in to tears when I have to deal with a bad thunder storm (not that I did that in the middle of my cousins outdoor bridal shower or anything).

Four: I love crime and detective shows, but I won't watch them when I'm home alone. My new favorite show lately is The First 48. I'm pretty sure Dan thinks I'm completely nuts, but it's my way of feeling like a detective or cop but not having to actually do anything since I'm such a wimp. I will also watch any show about firefighters, no matter how far fetched. There's just something about that inside view in to the fire station that I love. Like I love Chicago Fire and you bet I will be DVRing the spinoff Chicago PD. (Gosh they get me every time). 

Five: One of my dreams is to buy an older home with some property and fix it up. I see antiques, older architecture, a swimming pool, and happiness in my future. Now if I can just win the lottery! 

Six: I always hold my breath in tunnels (if I can) because my Grandpa always told me it was good luck to do that. He also said that if you are riding in the car (not driving) and are going over a bridge to lift my feet off the car floor. It's amazing the things that we are told as children that just stick with us forever. 

Seven:  I have a serious obsession with christmas. (okay so this might not be a huge surprise to anyone) It just brings me so much joy and happiness. The last two years we have even had two christmas trees just because I wanted two different color schemes or themes on my tree! 

Eight:  I'm working on starting an etsy site with different homemade goods such as bunting, bags, and scarves. Its definitely still a work in progress but I'm really excited about it. 

Nine: I love animals! My favorite animal is a Panda (I bet if you asked Dan even he wouldn't know that) and I have always dreamed of owning my own horse! 

Ten: Very few people in my every day life know about my blog. I am nervous to share my innermost thoughts with some of those people and afraid of the judgement it might receive. I have a hard time putting myself out there and can be really shy. So for now only my parents and Dan know about it and have read it. (or at least as far as I know)

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I know I am looking forward to catching up on some sleep, organizing my house and life a bit, and hopefully watching the new Hunger Games movie!