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Cara Box Reveal: Fall Happiness!

Monday, November 18, 2013

I was so exited to participate in Cara Box for my first time! Getting the opportunity to meet two amazing ladies, to put together a fun box to send to one of them, and get a fun box of my own was the best! I loved getting any mail, but this box literally made my week!

The theme of this Cara Box was fall, and who doesn't love to send some fall goodness to some fellow fall lovers! The two awesome ladies I was paired with were Karis and Veronica. I couldn’t believe how many similarities I found between each of us. From gluten-free eaters to fellow photographers, these ladies and I could be best friends – besides the fact that none of us live close to each other.

Veronica sent me the most awesome box filled with things I absolutely loved, and honestly you would think we had been friends for years by the way she sent things that were so me!

Here’s what was in my amazing box: She even included a cute little fall card, which I loved.

- An infinity scarf with birds on it – I LOVE this and have worn it over and over!!
I wore it the day after I got it and have worn it tons of times since! 

- Her and her husband’s favorite gluten-free cereal that has become a staple in my breakfast routine! (I don't have pictures of the cereal cause it never lasts long enough :)) 

- A fall candle and fall scented hand sanitizer that has helped make my office smell and feel more like fall!

- Fall themed kitchen towels that go perfectly with my fall décor and the colors in my kitchen

- Leaves to add to my fall décor around the house!

If you have never participated in a Cara Box with Wifessonials before, I highly recommend it. The next opportunity to sign up is in the beginning of December, and you can bet that I will be joining in! This is such a fun way to get to know fellow bloggers and have the opportunity to make new friends and put together a fun package to brighten someone’s day.