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Our Second Vintage - Pinot Noir Rose'

Friday, November 15, 2013

So as I promised, here is our update from our day picking and processing our pinot noir grapes. . . . 

Because Dan worked at a local vineyard this fall helping with harvest, they were nice enough to let us pick some of their "seconds" from their pinot noir vines. "Seconds" are what's left on the vine after they already picked. Many vineyards will go through and pick the fruit that hangs lower on the vine because it is more mature, has more sugar, and is more mature. The fruit left on the vines after that is still good, just not as bold in flavor, which would make a perfect pinot noir rose'. 

Picking wine grapes is a race against the clock here in Oregon. You want to pick before it starts to rain, because that drops the sugar, before the birds start eating them, and before they start to rot. Because we were picking the "seconds", we had to pick and choose the grapes that were still good and hadn't gone rotten yet. This meant that it took a little bit longer, but when it's free and delicious fruit you don't care.

The Saturday morning we went to pick, it was a beautiful, cool, foggy fall morning.  

We brought along mom and dad to help make the picking go a little faster. (Unfortunately I couldn't get Dad to leave the ridiculous hat at home). Having four people really helped make the work go a lot faster, and made it a lot more fun. 

We picked an entire barrel full! 

Because we are making a rose', we had to clean and press the grapes that day after we picked them. 
So we cleaned out the press and the carboys that we would put the wine in. 

Then we put all the grapes in to the press, and tried to press as much juice as possible out of them! 

They will sit in the glass carboys for the next couple months. Dan will add certain nutrients and yeasts  every so often to help it ferment. I let him do all the chemistry work, and I am just the taste tester! Can't wait to see how this new batch and type of wine will turn out! 


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