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Thanksgiving Pinspiration

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

This year I have been really excited for Thanksgiving. For the past few years, we have shared thanksgiving with both of our families instead of either doing one or the other, or having to eat two thanksgiving meals in one day. Normally I enjoy thanksgiving and spending time with family, but I never really go all out like I do with Christmas. This year, I can’t tear myself away from pinterest boards, blogs, and daydreaming about the perfect thanksgiving décor.

I’m dreaming of gold, burgundy, burlap, and gourds. Placemats, bunting, and candles. I just can’t get the endless possibilities of our thanksgiving table out of my head. Since we haven’t officially decided who’s hosting at their house this year, I haven’t gone all out decorating our house. But I decided to compile all my ideas into a mood board so once that decision is made, I can get started crafting!

Is anyone else inspired to deck out their home for Thanksgiving this year? I would love to see your inspiration or past year's table decor! Oh and if you think I'm excited for Thanksgiving, just wait until christmas, and of course my birthday that is exactly a month from today!! YAY! 

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