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Tree Day!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, So Full From Yesterday You Can't Move Day, and for me . . . . one of my favorite days of the year TREE DAY!!! To me, it doesn't feel like the holidays until my 12 foot tree is standing with its white lights and beautiful ornaments in the corner of my living room. Now i've mentioned this before, but I truly have a problem with christmas time. There are probably tons of people who want to puke when they hear about how all out I go for this time of year, but hey it's me and I am okay with that! I am a total christmas freak. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my birthday is 6 days before christmas, so the holidays are just always such a happy time for me. 

No matter the reason, I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Which is why, weeks in advance I look at the calendar and figure out what day we will be able to go pick out our christmas tree! Its a group effort since we are looking for such a large tree, and always a fun tradition to go with Dan and my parents. My brother has never really been in to the whole tree hunting experience (maybe because I would drag him in a sled for hours in the freezing cold and snow when he was little while I tried to find the perfect tree), so we go just the four of us. 

Growing up, we always went to a christmas tree farm and chopped our own tree down. Something about the experience just stuck with me! Hot cocoa in hand and hopefully one (I've been known to visit several farms before choosing "the one") lot later, we have our tree! Since today is the day and I'm sure I'll be too busy picking out "the" tree and decorating it to share a whole post about the tree search, I decided to share tree pictures from the last few years :) 

This is the first year Dan and I got to spend Christmas together. The year before we had only been dating about a month and a half so it was fun to get to spend the holidays with him. This was the year that started my obsession with super tall trees because this year I convinced my parents to get a 14 foot tree for their living room!! 

The Tree I really wanted . . . we ended up getting a smaller one (which for some crazy reason I don't have pictures of)

This was the first year we had our own house to decorate for Christmas. We had only been living in our house for a couple weeks when I convinced Dan to get this GIANT tree! Here he is before cutting it down and then the tree in the house! We have now learned to look for a tall but thinner tree! 

Our first Christmas with Cooper and a little bit thinner tree for our house! 

This was our last Christmas with my parent's dog who I'd grown up with so here she is under their tree on Christmas Eve. 

Here's my tree from last year! I got smarter and created my own pvc pipe measuring stick to bring with me tree hunting so I can tell how tall the tree is and if it will fit in our living room! 

I can't wait to go tree hunting today and to share pictures with you all! Make sure to keep and eye out for my instagram because I'm sure I'll share pictures there before I get to posting on here!! Are any of you crazy about your tree like I am?