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Why's that lady shopping with a binder?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Who’s that crazy lady with the pink binder walking through the supermarket? We aren’t at school, we aren’t taking an exam, we are buying groceries! If you have ever experienced someone like this in your local super market, it very well could have been me. While I am not your crazy coupon lady or extreme couponer, I am always in search of a good deal. I drive my husband crazy because I am totally the lady who walks in to target, finds something she loves, and then talks herself out of it for whatever reason by the time she leaves the store.

While I may not be a crazy couponer, I took the time off I got from being sick the past couple days to get all of my coupons organized again. While I was putting my binder back together (getting rid of expired coupons, cutting new coupons, and putting them all in their specific grouping) I thought that someone else might find my craziness useful, or if nothing else amusing.

I originally started couponing when that show extreme couponers first came out. Watching that show just amazes me at the deals some people can find and is almost like issuing a challenge to me! If they could do it, I surely could do it! I first started my binder and started really looking for deals back when I was a student and had a bit more time on my hands. When I got a full-time job and was working more normal hours, I had a harder time justifying the extra time it takes to really search out those deals. 

Being sick the past few days gave me some time to organize my coupons while sitting on the couch curled up in my blankets J Here are some of the tricks or tips that have worked best for me to save some money but not take up too much time in a crazy schedule:

-       I put together a binder to organize all of my coupons in to categories. I found the categories list on www.thekrazycouponlady.com. This helps me keep all my coupons, including ones for retail and restaurants in one place so I can always find them. I used baseball card holders to put all the coupons in, and keep my binder in my car with my so I always have it. 

-       I only buy things I would need or use. Unlike some of the people on Extreme Couponers, I only clip coupons and purchase items when its things Dan and I would actually use. We don’t have enough space or storage to keep extra stuff we would never use.

-       I try to designate time on Sunday to go through the local supermarket ads to see what’s on sale that we might need and compare those sales to coupons I already have or can find online to get even better savings. A couple weeks ago, our local store had mouthwash on sale for $1.99 for. I did some searching online and found another coupon for $1.50 off so I got two large crest mouthwash for $0.50. You can find links to more coupons on www.thekrazycouonlady.com as well.

-       I follow different coupon sites on facebook so I can see when there are great deals at local stores such as target. Those pages will post when there’s an item on clearance at a local store that can be combined with other coupons to make for a super cheap deal! Check out The Krazy Coupon Lady Facebook and Black Friday Deals Facebook

-       I use phone apps to help save even more money. I have apps for Joann Fabrics, Michaels, Target, and one that covers tons of stores Retail Me Not. If I am shopping in a store, I always look at one of the apps to see if there are any coupons or extra deals that I can find. I especially love the Retail Me Not app because it has nearly every store and some restaurants you can think of. From percentages off to free trial sized items, I have had tons of luck with that app!

-       Lastly, I am just a huge sale rack shopper. While sometimes this doesn’t work out because by the time it goes on sale, they don’t have my size anymore, it also helps us save lots of money. I am constantly looking at the clearance isles and look through the ads every week.

I am not an extreme couponer by any means, but am always looking for ways to save money. It doesn’t have to take up hours and hours a week to help cut down on those crazy grocery bills, and you don’t need a coupon for everything you buy, but there are ways to save money. I would love to hear if you have any tips and tricks that I might not know about J

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