26 + 100 = December 19th! | Health, Love & Fire

26 + 100 = December 19th!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Since tomorrow is my 26th birthday and since I already have my scheduled link-up with one of my favorite ladies for the Cheers To A New Year linkup, I thought I would do a little birthday post in honor of the special day tomorrow. I am truly blessed with some amazing friends and family. With new jobs, lots of traveling, starting this blog, and more time with my amazing husband this past year has been a really great one. I’m excited to celebrate tomorrow with my family and enjoy the one day of the year that I can be goofy, drink as much wine as I want, and get spoiled with gifts (okay maybe I do that more than just on my birthday)! 

Another exciting thing about tomorrow is that it will be my 100th blog post. I’d love to say that I planned it out so that my birthday and my 100th post would land on the same day, but I am definitely not that organized! This blog has been a fun thing to come to every day and an awesome way to be inspired by some other amazing women! I look forward to hundreds of more posts and many more new friends along the way!

So while i'm off celebrating me and my blog, I hope everyone else has a fabulous December 19th