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Cheers To A New Year: April, May & June

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Its Thursday again, which means another post about the highlights from 2013! I'm so glad Lauren at Peach State of Mind started this linkup, cause I am having a lot of fun thinking back on the last year and all the fun stuff we did. People always say when you get older time passes quicker, and I am learning more and more just how true that is! April, May and June were all about family time this past year! I was lucky enough to travel once during each of those months to spend time with some of my favorite people. 

I flew to Ohio for a long weekend to visit with my birth mom and her family and also take my half-sister's senior pictures. It was really nice to get to spend more time with them relaxing around the house, playing darts, taking pictures, and playing Walmart bingo. (ps. if you've never played Walmart Bingo it's a bucket list item for sure!) 

Here's some of Amber's senior pictures that I took, along with some ones we took during the trip. 

Dan, My parents and I flew to Colorado for my cousin's wedding. This was the first time my entire family got to be together since my grandmother had passed away a couple years ago. The weather was perfect, the wedding was amazing, and the company was wonderful! This is the most time I have spent with my Aunts and Uncles in years and it's a time I will truly always cherish. 

June: This was when I started blogging, so if you followed me back then you probably saw my posts about Dan and my trip to California. During this trip, we spent two days at Disneyland and then spent the rest of the time in San Diego sightseeing and watching our Braves play! I am always thankful for our time together just us, and its so fun to travel to new places together! This trip was definitely one of the highlights of my year! I can't wait for our next trip coming up in March!! 

Come join me next week for the highlights from our summer! 

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