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Holiday/December Bucket List

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

If you've been around this blog very long, then you know that the holidays are my favorite time of year! I probably pack more in to the month of December then I do in six other months, because I love everything that goes on during this time of year! (oh and by the way, only 21 days till Christmas and 15 days till my birthday, in case you were wondering!) I decided to share with all of you my bucket list for the next month or so, in the hopes that it will keep me on track and I'll get to accomplish as many things as I can! 

1. Decorate the outside of our house
2. Run a total of 30 miles! 
3. Go to see Zoo Lights (yes I'm a child!) 
4. Drive around and look at Christmas lights
(Yes this is me riding Rudolf in someone else's front yard on my birthday last year, and yes wine may have been consumed this evening! ) 

5. Bake Christmas Cookies
6. Wrap presents for Toy and Joy (be on the lookout for my post about this in a couple weeks!) 
7. Get our 2nd (yes 2nd) Christmas Tree and decorate it! 
8. Watch Elf! 
9. Complete the plank challenge with Lauren
10. Go play in some snow

What are your plans or goals for this holiday season? It always goes by so quickly, so I plan on trying to enjoy it as much as possible before its gone!