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Thanksgiving Festivities & Table Decor

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

This Thanksgiving was a little different than in years past. Normally, Dan and I are the ones who host thanksgiving at our house and both of our parents and my brother join us for one nice meal. This year, with Dan's Dad in the hospital and the unknown of what his day might look like, my parents offered to host. Me being the detail and decor obsessed person I am agreed, but only if I could be in charge of the table decorations! 

I used most of my Pinterest inspiration to create each of the decor ideas. With little extra time from spending so much time in the car and at the hospital, I choose a few simple yet pretty projects that would help add a little festivity to the day. I was super happy with how it all turned out and can't wait to get to work on my Christmas decor ideas! 

On Thanksgiving we spent a lot of time relaxing, chatting, playing cards, drinking wine, and enjoying our family time. Dan and I started the day with a nice 3 mile run with Cooper to help burn off some of the food we were going to eat later! We were able to move Dan's dad from the hospital to a local rehab facility which cut down the drive time from 45 minutes to get to him to 5 which we were all really thankful for! We enjoyed our time together and really appreciated all we had to be thankful for! That evening Dan and I braved some of the early Black Friday shopping and I got a ton of my shopping done! The rest of our weekend was spent getting our Christmas decorations up, getting our tree, and working on some more decor projects! I'll share more about all that coming up this week! 

Taylor trying to beat Dad at cards

Typical Brother/Sister picture where Taylor totally doesn't want my hug and Dad is trying to sneak up on Taylor in the background. 

Dan and I braving the Black Friday shoppers! 

I hope everyone has an easy week back to work from a few days off. For me it is always so much harder to get back in the routine of work again after some time off! Here's to a speedy week and more Christmas cheer!