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The time I decided to move in . . . .

Monday, December 23, 2013

I hope you didn't hop on here today looking for a post about my first house or tips for moving because what I am going to talk about it much more exciting and far more unrealistic. So yesterday I was looking through my instagram at one of my favorite bloggers Samantha Elizabeth who just happened to be at one of my favorite stores and it reminded me of a post I had been planning to write for a while now. Why I want to move in to Anthropologie . . . . yes the store! 

Every time I step foot in that store I wish to myself that I could just move in and call it home. I literally fall in love the moment I walk in, and instantly feel my bank account dwindling. And since I can barely allow myself to spend $36 on a candle, I figure the next best solution is to just move in! Now I know what you're thinking, they don't have food or a bathroom or a kitchen in that store, and there are a lot of issues with my becoming a permanent resident, but fear not . . . . I have totally thought these things through! 

The store near our house also happens to be located in an upscale shopping center so many of the issues mentioned above can be easily fixed. For my food I have choices like California Pizza Kitchen, Quadoba, and Whole Foods just steps away. And with it being a large shopping center, there are tons of public restrooms all over. I may have to look in to the shower situation, but there's also a Club Sport and 24 Hour Fitness nearby, so I figure I can find a shower somewhere. If worst comes to worst, there's a fountain at the shopping center entrance I could use with some bubble bath at night once everyone goes home.  

As far as everything else, the store has it. From candles to clothes, bedding to dishes, the store has everythingI need. I can host parties with fabulous d├ęcor and china, all provided to me by the decorators and inventory. I would obviously have to wait until after the store closes, but we could go to dinner or a movie nearby. And by inviting more people in to the store, they would be getting more advertisement of their products, and I am obviously such a trendsetter so after they saw my amazing stuff, everyone would want it. Win for me, win for them!

The store has a home section where they showcase their bedding, and in order to do that they have a bed so I have somewhere to sleep. It’s only a twin bed, so Dan wouldn’t have much room, but he sleeps at the station a third of the time anyways, so I don’t see that being much of a problem. They have throw pillows and curtains too, so I can create my own fort and pile of bedding to sink in to and fall asleep and let Dan have the bed if he wants.

I wouldn’t have to worry about rent, utilities, or maintenance because the store already has to manage those things. And since I would be brining so much added income to their location due to my walking advertisement, I’m sure they would be willing to cover those expenses for me.

I would need to figure out what to do with the pets . . . this is the one issue I have run in to. It wouldn’t be too hard to hide the cats who would probably just look like they were part of the display, sleeping in the window or on one of the soft throw blankets for sale. The dog would be the struggle. With Coopers high energy and need to greet every person he see’s, we may have to take him to doggy day-care while the store’s open each day. Even though that would be a large expense, the money I’m saving on rent and everything else would definitely offset this.

So see . . . I have this figured out! All I have to do is sell my house, sell all my belongings, find a doggy day-care, and convince Dan! No problem! Please tell me I’m not completely insane and someone else has dreamed about doing this very same thing. What store would you want to move in to if you could?