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Twitter Failure

Friday, December 13, 2013

Let me start off this post by saying that this is in no way trying to offend or make fun of anyone. This is just my opinion of what works for me. I'm sure some of you will laugh and be surprised at my lack of knowledge of different lingo, but I'm just being real :) Wow, must be a great post if the first two sentences are apologies right?!? Anyways on to what I got on my soap box to talk about today... 

I've read a lot of posts lately and in the last few months, where successful bloggers share some of their tips. I find these posts really helpful and interesting, especially because what person isn't looking for new ways to make things they love better? I know I always am. I have been blogging a little over 6 months now and one thing that I read over and over again is how important social media is for bloggers. I started my blog to express myself in a different venue and to meet new people and network with other amazing women. I've connected with fellow bloggers via email, facebook, and instagram ....but just can't get in to twitter. 

I don't get twitter. Plain and simple. I have tried to start tweeting (I think that's what they call it). I'll admit, I haven't tried very hard, but I've tried. I follow lots of people, normal and celebrity. I appreciate the twitter love I get from some of the people I sponsor a ton. But I just can't seem to get in to it. I don't fully understand how it works, and I find myself getting confused, frustrated and annoyed before I get anywhere close to truly understanding it. I feel a little better about not understanding how it works seeing as when I was working on this post I came across twitter for dummies, so at least I'm not alone. I feel this pressure to be on twitter several times a day, posting links to fellow bloggers I like, talking about my day, and sharing more of me. But I feel like I'm trying too hard and only doing it because I feel like I have to in order to make my blog grow. 

I strayed away from Facebook because I got sick of seeing what people were doing every second of every day. I don't need to know exactly what you made for dinner or the things you cleaned around your house today. But then I get on twitter and it seems like its sort of like Facebook posts on steroids. I live a fairly simple and fairly boring life, so I don't have much to say twenty times a day (that's why I am only on here once). I admire fellow bloggers who are so great at keeping up with every different form of social media and do it well. But I'm just not that great! When you read the posts on how to be a great blogger, one of the most important things I take away from those posts is to be yourself. And myself is not a tweeter. 

I totally see the importance of connecting with people on different levels and building those relationships outside of blog post comments and short "I like your outfit" conversations, but I also think it's important to be yourself. For me, twitter just isn't my thing. I'm not going to go on there and make a big deal about deleting my account cause I mean let's be honest, no one would probably notice. I think social media is awesome, and I am the first one to be thankful for what it is has brought to my life. I actually was able to connect with my birth parents because of it. But I don't think that every venue has to be for everyone. 

I'm Libby, you can find me on Instagram, on Facebook sometimes, on Pinterest more than I should be, and via Email or on my blog, but I'm just not a Tweeter or Twat or whatever it's called. I love meeting new bloggers and people in general, so don't think I'm a blogging failure because I'm not blowing up your twitter feed, I'm just doing what works for me (and you can bet I'll be blowing up your Pinterest on Instagram feed instead). So for all you newbies or veteran bloggers who I'm sure know way more than me, be yourself, don't feel forced or pressured to be someone you're not. Do what works for you and what works for your blog!