Health, Love & Fire: January 2014

MASH: My Middle School Dream

Friday, January 31, 2014

Did you ever scribble these silly “Life” games on notebooks, the back of homework assignments, or scrap paper when you were younger? 

I’m clearly dating myself, because no middle schooler would still be creating these silly drawings on paper. We would have moved to an electronic version, which they apparently have an app for. Seriously, what happened to the original Lite Brite, easy bake oven that had no refills, or Polly Pockets that were so small they looked like a Barbie for your hamster?!?  

If I remember correctly, MASH stood for Mansion, Apartment, Shack, and House. You would fill in all the blanks first. One set was three guys (or girls if you were a boy), then three cars, three careers, three locations for where you would live, and three numbers for number of kids you’d have (All very technical and scientifically proven methods of determining your future).  There were tons of different categories you could choose. Three pets, three vacations, three of anything you really wanted. When you were done, your friend would start to draw the swiggle in the middle and when you were done you'd count from one end to the swiggle to the other and get the number of lines that were there. You'd then take that number and count around the game and cross off whatever blank you landed on with that number until you only had one answer left from each category. Its a very very precise and scientific game. 

I wish I could find some of these goofy notes from back in my middle school years. For some reason these popped in to my head the other day and I got me thinking. What would my life be like if one of my middle school MASH games came true? 

In 8th grade, I had my future all planned out. I was going to marry this cute boy in my class  (only if Justin Timberlake and Chipper Jones turned me down) who only knew I existed as a friend. I just knew that one day he would wake up and fall madly in love with me, and wonder why he hadn’t realized sooner. What makes this boy even better was that he happened to have a twin brother, which of course my best friend was going to marry.  We would live next door to each other in a quiet cul-de-sac and we would double date, our kids would play, and we would all be best friends forever. We would have a shared fenced in backyard with a pool, trampoline, and volleyball court. (Clearly it’s missing the wine cellar and outdoor bar) Our husbands would have high paying jobs so we could stay home and hang out all day. Our life would be perfect and we were sure because our MASH game kept turning out the exact same way that it was bound to happen!

Fast-forward 13 years and I am married to someone who lived 3000 miles away from me when I was in middle school. My best friend is now not really that good of friends with me. She just married her college sweetheart. And of course the twins. Mine is now engaged to his college girl friend, and his brother is still traveling and exploring the world. Lets just say it didn’t all turn out exactly like we planned.  But when you’re 13 and you have barely experienced even holding hands with a boy or going to your first concert, you have these ideas of what life will be like when you’re older. Reality can be so much different than you imagined, but it can also be so much better!

P.S. Happy Birthday to one of the guys I was sure I was going to marry one day, Justin Timberlake! :) 

It's My Wedding And I Can Do What I Want To

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Since I loved sharing some of my wedding memories last Wednesday . . . I decided to do it again this week! One of the things I was shocked by during the planning of my wedding was how many decisions there were to make and how opinionated people got about those decisions. Growing up, whenever I would hear the song "Its my party I can cry if I want to"on the radio I would laugh and wonder why someone would feel so entitled just because it's there birthday. Fast forward to our wedding day, and the song finally made sense. There were lots of pieces to our wedding that made our special day fun and unique to us. People were constantly commenting on how they didn't understand some of our choices or why we did things a certain way. My response to them, if you don't want to come, it's less money I have to spend on your food! So instead of rambling on and on for this post, I wanted to share some of the parts of our wedding that were unique and different and empower fellow brides to do what you want! So be ready to be surprised, shocked, appalled, disgusted, empowered, and enchanted by the unique parts of our special day. 

Our wedding was on a Thursday:
We had a specific reason for making this decision. It was the same day as my grandparents and great-grandparent's wedding anniversary. In order to share that date with them, we would have to have the wedding on a Thursday. In an effort to make this easier for people, our ceremony was at 6:30 so people could come after work. Choosing a Thursday also meant that it was cheaper to rent the venue and some of the other rentals we used. All in all, this was probably the biggest talked about decision and detail of our entire day. Just a month ago, in the middle of my father in-law's funeral someone came up and introduced themselves and said "hi we haven't met because you invited us to your wedding but it was at that strange time". Um excuse me ma'am. Sorry it wasn't at the desired time for your calendar. Even the suit rental place used the day of the week as an excuse for why our tuxes weren't ready the day they said they would be. When asked why our order wasn't ready her response was "well most people don't get married on a Thursday"! Pretty sure that should make it easier to get what we want because there should be less demand! At the end of the day, we were so thankful to share our special day with other amazing people and we would do it all over again in a heartbeat! 

I was so thankful to have almost all of my aunts and uncles from both sides of my family there for our special day! 

Our ring bearer had sleeve tattoos: 
Yes you read that right, our ring bearer was a 32 year old friend of ours with tons of tattoos. It started out as a joke one night that he would be in our wedding and carry our rings down the isle, but we ended up loving the idea. I bought him a pillow to carry and he walked hand in hand with our 3 year old flower girl. Best. Idea. Ever!! 

We didn't serve dinner at our reception: 
Instead of feeding everyone a full meal, we gave people hors d'oeuvres, had a candy table, served cake, and had a s'mores station. We didn't want a sit down dinner where it would take up hours of time and keep people from mingling, dancing, and having a good time. We didn't have tables and chairs for every person there, in order to encourage people to be up and around talking with old and new friends. This created more of an upbeat fun atmosphere. All in all, I don't think anyone went away hungry!

Since our colors were pink and brown, we choose candy that matched those same colors. I was shocked at how much of the candy was gone and how much people liked this simple addition! 

Our cake had lots of different flavors & I bought it at a grocery store: 
I remember watching an episode of My Fair Wedding with David Tuttera, who freaked out at a bride who ordered her wedding cake from a grocery store. I guess he would have had a heart attack because I did the same thing, and my cake turned out perfect! There is a local grocery store that has an amazing bakery where I get all of my cakes for every occasion! When it came time to choose our wedding cake, we looked no further than that same bakery. Choosing the cake flavors was a little more difficult. We ended up choosing three different kinds. The top was carrot cake, the same kind of cake my parents had in their wedding cake. The middle was almond poppy seed with raspberry filling. And the bottom was Pink Champagne. The entire cake was frosted in white butter cream and decorated with intricate details that perfectly met what I was envisioning!! 

(and perfect for shoving in my new husband's face!) 

So after all my rambling and sharing more details from our special day, I guess the moral of the story is to choose what makes you happy. Make decisions based on what you want, not what other people want. This is your special day and it's supposed to be about the two of you! Its a day you will remember and cherish forever! Did you incorporate uniques ideas or things in to your wedding day? How did you make your day exactly what you wanted?

Show You What I'm Working With: Office Style

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A few weeks ago I posted some images from my pinterest that I'd been dreaming about for our office redo. Ever since the day we painted the office (which happens to be two days after we got the keys) I've been wanting to re paint it! When I choose the color, I was hoping for a nice soothing/relaxing office that I would want to spend time in. The Mint Chocolate Chip color garbage that I ended up with was definitely not what I was going for! Let's just say, green is not in the color swatches I'm looking at for the new room! To give you an idea of what I'm working with I decided to post some before pics. 

(Sorry we still had christmas gifts for some of Dan's family when I took these pictures :))

No real storage, ugly paint color, and stuff just kind of everywhere. I'm hoping for a much more organized, functional and cute finished look! You can look back on THIS post to see what I'm hoping the final product will encompass. We are planning to paint the existing desk white along with the book shelf, paint the walls a shade of grey, and use white, yellow, black and grey for the overall decor colors. If you have any suggestions for places to get cute prints, yellow decor, or more ideas please send them my way! Can't wait to have an office that I want to be in and one that is a place both Dan and I can enjoy! 

A Sick Day And A Giveaway

Monday, January 27, 2014

Today I am home sick from work laying on the couch and drinking lots of tea. But even though I'm not feeling good, an awesome giveaway can always put me in a better mood! So while I'm curled up on the couch, I hope you definitely take advantage of this Valentines giveaway!! 

I'm excited to be giving away TWO great prizes for Valentine's Day - a $100 Victoria's Secret Gift Card and a $25 Sephora Gift Card! What better way to treat & pamper yourself this Valentine's Day? There's something for everyone -  a new PINK outfit, warm  pj's, something sexy, or fun new makeup! This giveaway would not be possible without these amazing ladies so please be sure to show them some love!

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Stealing the Wedding Spotlight

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

So I don’t know about you, but I for one LOVE weddings! I love hearing about other people’s weddings, going to weddings, and especially looking at wedding pictures! Every Wednesday, my screen is filled with tons of gorgeous wedding pictures from fellow newlywed bloggers. I love seeing the little details, the unique moments, and the love that is exuded from each and every photo. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little sad that my wedding had already happened, that it happened before pinterest was around, and that I wasn’t blogging then so I wasn’t able to share all my little details! Get ready for lots of pictures! #sorryimnotsorry

So in honor of Wedding Wednesday, I am going to go back about three and a half years and share some details from my special day.

Dan and I got married on July 15, 2010 at a gorgeous winery at about 6:30 on a beautiful Thursday evening. We choose this day because it was also my grandparents wedding anniversary. While my grandpa couldn’t be there with us, I was so honored to be the only grandchild my grandmother was able to see get married, and to be able to share that special day with her meant everything to me.

We had a fairly small wedding, with about 120 guests. We decided to do a first look before the ceremony to calm our nerves and be able to take more pictures together. I was surprised at how relaxed and just at ease I was that day. All that mattered to me was that almost all the people in our lives who we truly wanted there were there and that I was marrying my best friend.

                         I Love this image of his reaction to seeing each other for the first time!! 

It was a simple ceremony and a simple reception. We served hors’ devours and had a candy table, wedding cake, and a s’mores station. There was dancing, laughter, and love all around us. It was everything we wanted and more.

Thanks for humoring me and allowing me to share memories from my special day! Did you not get to share your wedding memories cause you weren’t a blogger then, well share them now! I for one, would love to see your special day! Plus, I liked this week so much that I think I am going to share some more fun images from our special day next week! Its always fun reliving such an amazing day and share your ideas and thoughts with other future brides! 

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Bye Bye Bye Perfect Weekend

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

So since I had yesterday off I decided to do my weekend recap today. After the crazy few weeks we have had, a weekend away was just what we needed.

After work we drove up to Seattle. Its only a little over 3 hour drive from Portland but always seems so much further away. Friday night was a night I had been waiting for since May and really for the last 13 years. We had tickets to the Justin Timberlake concert. I was a HUGE Nsync fan growing up, I mean every girl had their room wallpapered with Justin’s face as a 13 year old right?!? If it was acceptable to do that as an adult I totally would wouldn’t now either. The concert was all I had hoped for and more! Justin performed for over 3 hours and I danced, sang, and screamed until my heart was content! BEST. NIGHT. EVER!

I don't have any pics at the concert cause I was too busy taking videos and screaming at the top of my lungs!! 

I woke up with literally no voice, and after lots of tea and some more rest I finally got a sexy raspy voice for the remainder of the day. It was all totally worth it. We spent the morning relaxing and watching tv in our hotel room. After a late breakfast and a nap we ventured out to shop and sight see around Seattle.

Yes this was my view at 11 am :) 

Its not a proper trip to a city without seeing their Anthropologie store!
Is this not the coolest tent ever! If I had $14,000 to throw out the window, this would definitely be on the top of my must have list! Okay Anthropologie you win again! 

That evening I had made special reservations for an early birthday dinner for Dan at a restaurant we had been dying to go to for a couple years. Just look at the amazing two-story wine cellar in the middle of the restaurant.

Between the amazing win, delicious food, and best company it was a perfect night! Unfortunately now Dan thinks he needs the same wine storage in our house. But I guess if he gets that big of a wine collection, that means a bigger Christmas tree for me so I can probably be okay with that!

We left Seattle early to escape some of the crowd heading in to the city for the final playoff game before the superbowl. It was an exciting win the for Seahawks and for Dan who decided he was a fan about three days earlier. Sunday night we had dinner with Dan’s mom and my parents for his birthday since my parents will be out of town on his actual birthday. We came home, played a board game and caught up on our DVR. All in all a really nice weekend with my favorite person!

PS. . . . I won :) 


I had the day off for Martin Luther King Jr. day. I spent the whole day in my PJ’s working on stuff for Dan’s party next weekend, catching up on emails, and trying to finish a blog design I’ll be happy with. While I felt a little bad about not get dressed in real clothes all day, it was a perfect day off and a great way to recharge before heading back to work.