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Bye Bye Bye Perfect Weekend

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

So since I had yesterday off I decided to do my weekend recap today. After the crazy few weeks we have had, a weekend away was just what we needed.

After work we drove up to Seattle. Its only a little over 3 hour drive from Portland but always seems so much further away. Friday night was a night I had been waiting for since May and really for the last 13 years. We had tickets to the Justin Timberlake concert. I was a HUGE Nsync fan growing up, I mean every girl had their room wallpapered with Justin’s face as a 13 year old right?!? If it was acceptable to do that as an adult I totally would wouldn’t now either. The concert was all I had hoped for and more! Justin performed for over 3 hours and I danced, sang, and screamed until my heart was content! BEST. NIGHT. EVER!

I don't have any pics at the concert cause I was too busy taking videos and screaming at the top of my lungs!! 

I woke up with literally no voice, and after lots of tea and some more rest I finally got a sexy raspy voice for the remainder of the day. It was all totally worth it. We spent the morning relaxing and watching tv in our hotel room. After a late breakfast and a nap we ventured out to shop and sight see around Seattle.

Yes this was my view at 11 am :) 

Its not a proper trip to a city without seeing their Anthropologie store!
Is this not the coolest tent ever! If I had $14,000 to throw out the window, this would definitely be on the top of my must have list! Okay Anthropologie you win again! 

That evening I had made special reservations for an early birthday dinner for Dan at a restaurant we had been dying to go to for a couple years. Just look at the amazing two-story wine cellar in the middle of the restaurant.

Between the amazing win, delicious food, and best company it was a perfect night! Unfortunately now Dan thinks he needs the same wine storage in our house. But I guess if he gets that big of a wine collection, that means a bigger Christmas tree for me so I can probably be okay with that!

We left Seattle early to escape some of the crowd heading in to the city for the final playoff game before the superbowl. It was an exciting win the for Seahawks and for Dan who decided he was a fan about three days earlier. Sunday night we had dinner with Dan’s mom and my parents for his birthday since my parents will be out of town on his actual birthday. We came home, played a board game and caught up on our DVR. All in all a really nice weekend with my favorite person!

PS. . . . I won :) 


I had the day off for Martin Luther King Jr. day. I spent the whole day in my PJ’s working on stuff for Dan’s party next weekend, catching up on emails, and trying to finish a blog design I’ll be happy with. While I felt a little bad about not get dressed in real clothes all day, it was a perfect day off and a great way to recharge before heading back to work.


  1. That looks like a great weekend! I hope you had another good one this week.