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Dan's Dirty 30 - Party Ideas

Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy Monday! You might notice some changes around my blog for the next few weeks. I am messing around with new design ideas and can be very indecisive, so you may see several changes before I make up my mind that I actually like one enough to be done :) So hang in there while this perfectionist spends hours staring at photoshop like a deer in headlights! 

So the hubs is turning the big 3-0 in less than two weeks. With the passing of his Dad and the big birthday he has coming up I really wanted to do something fun and different for him. After tossing around a few ideas and trying to get him to give me some sort of idea for what he really wanted we decided on renting a room at a local hotel/brewery. I had won a party/movie night there a few months back for attending an event open house and I know the head caterer so I figured that was the perfect solution! 

I decided on a casino night since the lady in charge of events was pretty insistent that we have a movie playing at the party since I did win a "movie night" gift certificate. So in order to get her to chill a bit, we agreed to have Vegas Vacation playing in the background at the party. I want this to be a fun party so I have scoured the internet and pinterest for ideas. Here's some of the things I've decided on. 

I made these fun invitations on shutterfly and I absolutely LOVE how they turned out! To make sure people got them in time and actually RSVP'd I did an online invite as well but I really wanted to send out a fun actual invitation! 

(Isn't he the cutest!)

At the party, I wanted there to be something for people to do so I decided to set up tables for casino games. I purchased a roulette set (cheap on amazon, no one has the bank account for the real deal). I am also having the event staff put green linens on the tables to look like actually casino tables so that we can have blackjack and texas hold'em games going on too. 

There's going to be a full bar with a bar tender set up in the room so our guests can drink whatever they want. (We decided on a cash bar, because again no one has money for the amount some people can drink). In order to make this a little more fun and personal I decided to create a Signature Drink List. If you have any suggestions please send them my way! Here's what I have so far
           - Dirty 30: a dirty martini (Dan's favorite drink) 
           - Whiskey Business: Knob Creek and Coke (his second favorite drink) 

I like the idea of Dan's Dark and Stormy but not sure what that drink would consist of. Please help a girl out if you have any ideas! 

We are hosting all the food for the party. Dan's trying to decide on exactly what he wants, but tater tots are definitely on his menu! I also want to get him a cake so it really feels like his birthday! 

I bought him a t-shirt to wear that day since you only turn 30 once and he LOVES wine. I was so excited when I found this on etsy and can't wait to give it to him! Thank you Creative Drop Printing for this fabulous idea! 

I bought a few other party decorations at a party store but don't want it to look too cheesy. I really want this to be a fun classy party that people love.  I want this to be a fun day for Dan to forget some of the stress we've gone through in the last few weeks! I have until next weekend to finish up the planning so please if you have any suggestions or ideas send them my way!


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