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Memories - A Picture's Worth

Thursday, January 9, 2014

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I was planning on posting some before pictures off our office today to continue to motivate me to get my butt in gear and start painting our office. I was planning on posting all the disorganized random pictures today, but that was until I came across this link up yesterday. I can totally relate with this lady who is a fellow picture lover! I have boxes in my garage, albums on shelves, and an external hard drive full of folders.

I thought I had tons of pictures, until we started looking through my father in-laws pictures for his memorial service. For just a 8 year period of time, we went through 34,000 pictures. He always had a camera somewhere nearby just incase there were any picture worthy moments (usually in case there was a fire in town so he could go capture my hubby or his friends at work). For years I would joke about the fact that my father in-law took thousands of pictures but we never ever saw a single one. Two years ago for Christmas, he handed me a frame full of images he had taken of my husband and I. I guess he proved me wrong.

The reason I love photos so much is because they’re a snapshot in time that can never be completely recreated. One of my favorite things to do is to look through old albums and reminisce about old stories. Photos capture a memory that you can always look back on. During the past couple weeks, I have come across pictures I didn’t know even existed and helped remind me of some of my favorite memories. We don't have many family pictures of the four of us, but the ones we do I will cherish forever. I actually thought about giving my in-laws a gift certificate for a family portrait session for christmas. Maybe some part of me knew just how important pictures would become. Now that all I have to look back on are memories with my father in-law, I am so thankful for some of these pictures I have of him.

Him being goofy walking down the isle at our wedding giving the peace sign

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