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Monday Morning Laughs

Monday, February 10, 2014

I think it can be said for most people that having a laugh on a Monday morning is never a bad thing. Usually I am at my desk,  slouched in my chair, drinking my tea, and wishing I was back in bed. Even though after reading this post you'll probably be doing the exact same thing, at least you'll hopefully have a smile on your face. So instead of sitting here and telling you all about my weekend, which I'lll probably still do tomorrow since it included a surprise snow storm, I decided to share some awkward family photos to help lighten your Monday morning! Embarrassment for me and my family (without them knowing it) = Entertainment for you :) 

Never a dull moment with these two. Literally I married my father's clone!

Now you might be thinking, hey that's not such a bad photo, but really brother, is a Team Sheen shirt necessary to wear to my college graduation ceremony

I swear we love each other 
This photo is from my birthday. I'm sure you recognize the Photo Booth. This is my brother's girlfriend, my brother, Dan and Me at my birthday party. 

Apparently Dad and I were going for worst ugly christmas looks ever 

I'm not sure whether my mom is trying to cut off my dad's nose because he's Pinocchio or if she's really just trying to scare him, either way weird photo 
Trying to be goofy with a family picture - I'm sure my father would love that I posted this

And even as kids we liked to dress up goofy and just have fun! 
Which is probably why I like this goofy guy so much! 

I think that's probably enough embarrassment for my family and myself for one post :) Hope it made you smile on your Monday morning! Do you have any embarrassing family photos? Is your family as goofy as mine? Happy Monday! 


  1. My mom freezes up in pictures like she can't smile, she smirks in a way that she never does outside of photos, it's so random haha!

  2. Oh man, you sure have a collection of funny family photos!

  3. I have a big smile on my face! Thanks!

  4. Your family looks so fun! And your dad just looks plain hilarious! Let me join in please :)

  5. You should buy an awkward family photos book, and glue your family pictures on the book :P

  6. Hahaha looks like you have a wonderfully fun family! Found you through the Blogging it Forward Network Rachel Boulevard