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My Uneventful Life

Friday, February 7, 2014

I've seen this on a few other ladies' blogs and I loved the idea so I decided to steal borrow it for my post today! I mean haven't you just been dying to see what my day looks like in pictures. Just humor me and say yes, I mean it is Friday after all. 

7:45 I got to wake up late this morning because I had a late night meeting the night before and nothing on my schedule early this morning! YAY 

9:00 Pretty drive on the way to work/my first meeting

10:00 - done with my off-site meeting and made it to my little office. Time to check my blog feed, email, and instagram! 

11:00 - Time for tea and working on health policies for upcoming meetings. 

12:00 - Headed to get lunch in this cold weather 

2:00 - Snack time at my desk = Diet Coke and Cookies 

3:00 - Afternoon selfie time 

5:00 - Pretty sunset from the roof of the parking garage . . . time to head home for the night 

6:00 - Made it home. Clearly Cooper had a hard day! 

7:00 enjoying the evening watching tv and cuddling with my boys! 

8:00 - Dan and Cooper playing while we watch tv - typical night

9:00 - Getting ready for bed and trying out new face masks for my dry yet oily skin and a blog review! 

So apparently I live a fairly boring/uneventful life but now you see what I do on a day to day basis :) Be on the lookout for a skin care post on a few different face masks I've been trying! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! 


  1. I don't think it's boring, mine isn't much different. Most of us lead uneventful weekly lives because we are responsible adults who want to pay our bills :)

  2. It's a little boring, but so are everyone's lives! I think that's why most of my favorite blogs these days aren't the shiny, professional photography, full-time blogger blogs. I like the everyday, because that's ultimately what I can identify with :)

  3. Love seeing others days. Your office is so organized!!! Mine is shameful.
    Your headband is adorable!

  4. It looks like you have plenty going on! This is a great post

  5. Wow. Your life looks like mine. :) Wake up early. Go to work. Have a cookie. Or three. Come home. Kiss the fiance and the dog. Watch TV. Go to sleep. Repeat. We could have it worse :)