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The Mask!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

So apparently being 26 doesn't mean that you miraculously have flawless skin. Bummer! I've dealt with acne since I hit puberty (lucky me). It even got so bad that I actually took Accutane in high school and suffered through 6 months of feeling like crap. But it was worth it... until it seemed to ware off and I'm back to getting annoying breakouts all the time! A few weeks ago I was so fed up with feeling like I looked 13 again and never liking my skin that I decided to try using different face masks. The frustrating thing is that not only do I have oily spots where get break outs, but other parts of my face are notoriously dry. So I needed to find a solution to address both issues so I stopped feeling and looking like such a mess!

Now I don't have hundreds of dollars to just throw out the window sampling different high end products, so I was in search of something reasonably priced, well made, and decent quality. I started off looking at masks and ideas on pinterest, I mean isn't where everyone starts looking for ideas? I found one at home recipe that I really liked, and ending up finding several other solutions at The Body Shop. Here are some of the products that really worked for me and hopefully will for some of you.

1. Seaweed Iconic Clay Mask - purchased from The Body Shop - $22
This is the mask that works best for me. This would  be a good choice for people who want to detoxify and deep clean their skin and works best for people with oily/combination skin. Its a thick clay mask that dries fairly quickly and tightens your pores and dries out your oily spots without leading the rest of your face too dry. When you put the mask on, the spots where you have the most oil take the longest to dry. The mask comes off easily and leaves your pores feeling tighter and cleaner. I have used this product at least 5 times and still have barely made a dent in the container. I apply this mask in the evening before bed once or twice a week. You can also purchase a one time use sample for $2.50 if you just want to try it.

2. Honey & Oatmeal - used materials I had in my panty
While this mask helped to tighten up my skin and it didn't cost much to make, it definitely isn't my favorite. It's something I will use if I am out of other products and want a quick fix that I can make at home. I just took equal parts oatmeal and honey and mixed them together. I had a difficult time trying to keep the mask on my face. Once on I let it sit for about 15 minutes and then washed it off. It helped dry out the oily trouble spots and tightened up my pores.

3. Vitamin E Moisture Cream - Purchased from The Body Shop - $17
I use this cream for the dry spots on my face. I apply this before bed and in the morning before my foundation. Its light and doesn't leave excess oil on my face. A little goes a long way with this! This is their most popular moisturizer probably for the reason that is helps protect the skin, while leaving it feeling soft, smooth, and healthy looking.

4. Nutriganics Soothing Mask - Purchased from The Body Shop - $22
I love this mask for times that my skin feels dirty, dry, and rough. I usually apply this mask once a week and it leave my skin feeling smooth. There is a hint of clay to help absorb the oil and impurities, but doesn't dry out my skin. Even my husband has found this mask to help his breakouts and ingrown hairs from shaving. Again with this mask a little goes a long way, and I have barely used any of it even after 8 uses. If you want to sample this mask, you can also purchase a single use sample for $2.50.

Hopefully some of these products will not only be useful for me, but for you as well! If you have any suggestions for great products you use that work, please send them my way!!
Glossy Blonde


  1. My brother was also on Accutane during high school, so I saw first hand how rough that stuff was. My skin has been going through periods of breakouts lately (I'm sure stress related). Some weeks it is perfectly clear and other weeks I have 2 or 3 breakouts. I've been using the Acnefree kit (like a middle school girl who just reached puberty) and it is actually working really, really well. It's supposedly compared to the same ingredients as proactive, but you can buy it at any drugstore, target, walmart, etc and it's only like $25. The kit includes a face wash, toner, and moisturizer. I don't know if you have already tried that, but like I said, it seems to be working great for me at the moment!

  2. I need something to help with blackheads. I'm so glad that you stopped by my blog today. I can't wait to follow along and get to know you better!

  3. I took acutane in middle school, thanks for sharing things that work for you :)