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Walmart Bingo

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

So you're bored on a Friday night, live within 30 miles of a Walmart, and have friends or family who like to have a good time. . . . this is the perfect game for you!

- Print off two copies of the same bingo card (you can find different versions on pinterest, make your own, or go to this website to generate randomized bingo cards of your own! 

- Split up in to two teams (leaving one person to roam the store as the official) 

- Take pictures on your phone without getting caught of the bingo space in action

- Whichever team gets a bingo first by getting to the official and proving the spaces in photos wins I'll leave it up to you to choose the prize, but anything with camo or cheap beer work great. 

Here are some of the fabulous pictures you'll end up with! 

Woman wearing Pajamas - This entire outfit was fleece! 

Entire family in Camo - (the other team thought it was fair to just have their team members dress up and take pictures) 

Kids Riding Bikes: We couldn't find any kids riding bikes, so we opted to doing it ourselves - We even tried placing bikes throughout the toys section with the hope that a kid would walk by and want to try it out #walmartbingofail

You may also end up with text messages like this from "the official"

Note: Do not go to Walmart to play this game early in the day on a weekday, you will be left feeling disappointed that the only customers are all over the age of 70 and the outfits/purchases/laughs are not as entertaining! (Consider yourself warned)

Happy Bingo Hunting! 


  1. Haha. Goodness, this is too funny!

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