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Workouts, Suntanning and Pinterest Obsessions

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The last few months I have been in some sort of fog and haven’t been setting goals or accomplishing as much as I would like. S, with the start of a new month, getting my new planner in the mail (better late than never, right?) and my love for lists . . . I decided to make a list of goals for this month! Let's see what I can accomplish during the month of March! 

. . . . Enjoy my vacation with Dan! – This is a no brainer, but I am really hoping that I can enjoy the 10 days away from work, read a book, get a tan, and forget about all the things stressing me out at the office! (oh and maybe consume a few margaritas while I'm at it) 

. . . . Workout More – Isn’t this a goal every month? I actually signed up for 10 weeks with a personal trainer with my coworker, so hopefully having two people to keep me accountable will help get me to the gym more often! (I've already been to two sessions, and am packing my workout clothes for my trip, we will see if they get used) 

. . . . Train for my half marathon – This is sort of similar to the working out more, but I REALLY need to start running if I’m going to be able to run and not kill myself for the half marathon in May.

. . . . Complete 3 projects from pinterest – I have a problem with drooling (or maybe just eyeing) tons of fun new projects on pinterest on a daily basis, some that I will even go buy all the materials for! Hopefully this month I can tackle and complete some of my latest obsessions! Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this! 

. . . . Plan Amy’s party – Our best friends are pregnant with Twins and I am hosting a small gender reveal party in April, so I want to get some of the decorations done with in March so I don’t have to do it all last minute!

This could be a lot to tackle seeing as I will be on vacation for ¼ of the month, but at least my vacation is on my To Do list! What are some of your March goals?


  1. I need to do that with Pinterest. I'm a pinning queen. Doing Queen? Not so much.

  2. Lists and goals are always helpful, even if they just help you find where to start. Do enjoy your vacation! That should certainly be your first priority.

    Wait.... we're supposed to be held accountable for our "pins"? uh oh I have some catching up to do.

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