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Bermuda, Bahama, C'mon Pretty Mama - Vacay Part 2

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

If you missed the first post about our boat and beginning of our trip, make sure to check it out Here. I wanted to break this up in to a few different posts so that I wouldn’t overload you with pictures, and also so I wouldn’t leave anything out. So now we are on Day 2. (Don't worry there won't be 7 posts) 

Our itinerary for our ship was:
Day 1: Miami, Florida
Day 2: Nassau, Bahamas
Day 3: At Sea
Day 4: St Thomas, USVI
Day 5: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Day 6: Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos
Day 7: At Sea

Waking up on our first morning on the ship, I looked out our window and was happily greeted with a morning sunrise over Nassau. I have never been to this part of the world before, so with each of the ports I was excited to explore somewhere new and take in all the beauty and touristy things I could! In Nassau, we didn’t have much planned outside of the fact that I wanted to make it to a beach!

Getting off the ship, we walked around the town a bit, took a few pictures, walked in some shops, but quickly got tired of shopping. (I know, I know, what girl gets tired of shopping?) But I envisioned lying on a beach, listening to the waves, and working on my tan! So, Dan and I found a taxi and took it over to the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. Immediately I was shocked by the sheer size of this place! I knew that if we weren’t careful, we could spend all day just walking around the different buildings of the hotel, the aquarium, pools, and water park and barely scratch the surface of what the Atlantis has to offer!

Being the cheap person I am, I convinced Dan to forgo the $165 we would have to spend to just get through some of the doors of the hotel to walk around, and follow the signs to the public beach. It only took about 10 minutes from whatever building we were in at the time to make it to the gorgeous beach on Paradise Island! While there were no beach chairs or bars, you could pay $20 for an all day pass of beach chair access and coconut drinks from the locals. We opted for a more low-key day and wandered further down the beach where we found a spot to hang out for a few hours.

After loosing Dan’s sunglasses in the surf and getting some sun on my pale Oregon skin, we headed back to the ship. (Long story short, when you stand in the Ocean, you should be prepared for the possibility that a strong wave could come up and wipe you out, forcing you to loose any unattached items i.e.. Sunglasses and Hat.) We spent the rest of the afternoon lounging on the lido (pool) deck drinking some beers, watching the ship leave port, and were entertained my drunk man dancing alone on a balcony for hours to the DJ. It really doesn’t get better than that!

 On the ship, leaving the port of Nassau

That evening was our first of two formal nights on the ship so we got all dressed up, stopped by all the formal booths to get our picture taken, and enjoyed a nice dinner with our fellow table mates. I always look forward to the formal nights because you truly see everything from shorts and a t-shirt to wedding and prom dresses. We decided on somewhere in the middle with my simple black dress that I found at a local boutique for about $18, and Dan wore a dress shirt and slacks. I'd rather people watch than be the one being watched.

This was a fun first full day on the ship. While I enjoyed the first port, I would have to say it wasn't my favorite stop on our trip. It was pretty, but seemed like it had the least to do. Have you ever been to the Bahamas? What was your favorite thing to do there? 


  1. I haven't been to the Bahamas, it is definitely on my bucket list. Work is hosting a cruise there for our customers but I'm not high enough on the food chain to go (haha). Glad you had such a great time, it is so beautiful!

  2. I LOVE cruises! The last cruise we were on was a Royal Caribbean cruise line & we had a blast! That was a year ago, time to plan our next one! I have still yet to see Turks & Caicos, but it's on my list! I've been to the Bahamas, & I agree. Not my favorite, but it has it's own character which you gotta love. That was a long time ago though, I think I must have been like 16 when we went to visit & it just so happen to be on a cruise as well. Our excursion was to visit the Atlantis Hotel & tour Nassau.

  3. what beautiful photos!!!

    love, polly

  4. :D I live in Nassau! Your photos are beautiful!

  5. After looking at your gorgeous pictures, I'm now more ready than ever to be lounging on the beach in Jamaica next month!!

  6. Thanks for sharing some of your pics! I'll be traveling to the Bahamas for the first time in a couple months! The beach looks gorgeous and I'm SO looking forward to it!