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Hosting Ideas - Gender Reveal Party Inspiration

Friday, March 21, 2014

I'm taking a break from recapping our fabulous vacation to share with you some of the photos and ideas that have been bombarding my mind lately! With all this talk about babies and all the soon-to-be mama's around blog land, I am pretty excited to be hosting one of my best friend's gender reveal party for their twins in a few weeks. Needless to say I have been scouring Pinterest, Etsy and every party store I can find. As a girl, but even more importantly as a blogger, I want this party to be perfect. Classy and pretty, while still laid back and fun. While our house isn't huge, I'm hoping that I can fit 30 people including several small children in our house and backyard (please pray for sunshine!)

So while I browse the 5 billion baby photos on Pinterest and day dream about having my own baby shower and gender reveal some day, I have come across several ideas and inspiration for the party. I have had a bit of a difficult time finding ideas for twins, and lets just say finding a invitation card that worked and was still appealing wasn't the easiest task. I've decided on a Navy Blue and Pink color scheme and have found several ideas for the decor that I hope to be able to replicate just as beautifully!

I hope I can pull all of these ideas into a beautiful, fun, and memorable afternoon for two of my favorite people!


  1. So cute!! The mason jars are my favorite...I'd think that would be pretty simple to replicate. Everything is so clean looking. LOVE it!

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