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Sailing Away

Monday, March 3, 2014

Hello blog friends. . . I am currently sailing away on the Carnival Conquest not worrying or stressing about a thing. Seeing as today is Monday, we will be in port in Nassau Bahamas and I will hopefully walking around with a drink in one hand (of course adorned by a tropical umbrella) and my camera in the other #goodblogger.

I hope you're not too jealous, but if I were you I would be. Sun, Drinks, Food, Travel = I'm pretty dang excited to be on this cruise! Maybe I'll even convince the staff to hire me as an event planner and my husband as a paramedic and just stay on the ship, tanning on my days off and consuming far too many calories at the all day buffets.

We've been planning this trip since August, so to say I was a bit excited to finally step foot on the ship that has been draining my bank account (not really, but whatevs) for the last few months was a relief. We decided last minute, cause that's what we do, to splurge for a balcony room. I have only ever cruised once before and we were too cheap stingy to pay very much so we had an inside cabin before. This time we will be lounging on our balcony, enjoying the relaxing aromas coming from the spa down the hall, and feeling guilty for making more trips to the buffet while others pass our room to head to the gym.

But since we've had this planned for a while, I still have some scheduled posts for you this week! I know the Spring giveaway was supposed to end today, and it did, but I won't be announcing the winner until next Monday . . . so you'll just have to sit in anticipation till then. And you better believe I will be back for a full recap next week! So enjoy your week and some fun posts I have lined up for you! I will be checking in and updating my instagram when I can :)


  1. So jealous!! Have so much fun! You deserve it!

  2. Ahh!!! I hope you're having an amazing time!!!

  3. So jealous!! Have fun and have a few drinks for me :)