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St Thomas Champagne Cruise

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Have you missed the vacation pictures? Sorry it’s been a few days between vacay posts, but I had other stuff on my mind and less time to go through all the pictures on my trip. But wait no longer, cause I’ll share the rest of the pictures the next few days.

St Thomas was our second port, and the stop I was probably most looking forward to. This is the only stopped we had planned an excursion for and it had been planned since we booked our trip, so I had waited long enough. You’d think being stuck on a cruise ship all week would make you want to do something off the boat, but not this girl! We decided to book a catamaran cruise from St Thomas to St John where we could see some of the other islands and also do some snorkeling and get some beach time in. It ended up being the best decision!

Arriving in port in St Thomas

When we got off the ship in St Thomas it was hot! The sun was shining, and with my already pre-burned skin from the day before at sea on the ship, I was enjoying every piece of shade I could find! We took an open air taxi to the marina where we boarded the ship. Our crew was awesome! There were three Americans who now live in St Thomas and work on the ship together. From the minute we stepped on board I felt like we were in great hands.

 So sunburnt but still loving the sun! 

It was a short 30-minute trip over to St John with gorgeous views, fun music, and a little history lesson of the islands by some of the crew. When we made it to St John we got to get off and snorkel and explore the island. The water was warm, the fish were gorgeous, and the beach was perfect! I felt like I was watching a live version of Finding Nemo! There were Blue Tang fish, sting rays, sea turtles, and tons of other fish to watch! 

 Our view for the afternoon

A perfect day in St Thomas & St John with my favorite guy! 

After exploring the water and beach, we were back on the boat for our sail back to St Thomas, which included rum punch, champagne and snacks of course! The perfect day with a gorgeous view and my favorite person! If you’re ever in St Thomas you should absolutely book the St Thomas Champagne Catamaran!

This area is definitely on my must go back to visit list!
Have you been to the Virgin Islands before? What was your favorite thing to do there?