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Sunscreen, Beer, and Baseball Pants - Why I Can't Wait For Summer

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Summer time is one of my favorite times of year for the obvious reasons of sunshine, warm weather, and lots of time outdoors. Coming back from 9 days in warm 90-degree weather has made me long for those summer days even more than normal! So when I saw this linkup going around yesterday with The Daily Tay and Helen in Between I knew I wanted to share some of the things I’m excited to do this summer!

Floats on the lake . . .

But I'm pretty sure I need this float first . . . 

4th of July Rodeo . . .

BBQ’s and Drinks outside with friends and family . . .

Outdoor Concerts.  . .

 Love me some Hunter Hayes :) 

Baseball, baseball pants, and baseball games!

Gardening which equals fresh fruits and vegetables, which equals lots of canning and yummy recipes!

Lot’s of running and fun/difficult races!

What are you looking forward to most about summer?

Helene In Between


  1. <3 I'm SO excited for summer!!! :-)

  2. Your list looks super exciting! Can we just trade summers haha j/k.

  3. I am so ready! I'd just like to see Spring!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle
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  4. Baseball games! Oh, how I love baseball season! Go Cardinals! ;)