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I Believe

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lately I've been spending some time reading some of the older posts of some of my favorite bloggers (IWYP & Living In Yellow) since I came a little late to the party and only started blogging a few months ago. I came across this post about what you believe and it was a fun exercise and post to really think about what makes me who I am and what I truly believe in. Plus I'm always a sucker for learning more about some of my favorite bloggers, so surely I can't be alone.

i believe . . .

. . . if you don't photograph it, it didn't happen

. . . in bonfires, walks on the beach, and summer bbqs

. . . your house is never finished decorating

. . . vacations are some of the best things ever created

. . . you're never too old for nap time

. . . everything is better in a tutu
. . . in decorating and celebrating every holiday

. . . you can never have too many pictures

. . . you should never underestimate how strong and brave you are

. . . you're never too old to need your mom or dad when you're sad or sick

. . . finding four leaf clovers provides lots of good luck

. . . there are such things as fairy tales, prince charmings, and happily ever afters

. . . rainy days in your pajamas are some of the best days, especially if those rainy days are at the beach

. . . surrounding yourself in little things that are a constant reason to smile

. . . that moms make some of the best friends

. . . in Braves baseball and Oregon football

. . . glitter makes anything happier

. . . Justin Timberlake will always be amazing (shocker)

. . . laughter is some of the best medicine

. . . family is about who you love, not who you're genetically related to
. . . you're never too old to play dress up

. . . adoption is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone and that you can give yourself

. . . homemade food is always better than store-bought

. . . some of the best things in life just happen

. . . in friends that are more than friends, they're family

. . . that pets are a part of your family

What do you believe in? 


  1. Rainy days at the beach are the best! As long as there are more days of sunshine :) Xx.