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It's All In The Details

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thanks to everyone for the sweet comments on yesterday's recap post of the gender reveal party I hosted for our friends. I have so much fun planning parties and honestly wish I could do that full time. I love all the details that bring so much life and color to each event. And it's so much fun to watch everyone enjoy something you've spent a lot of time on! So with all of that, I thought I would share a fun DIY project to help add some color and fun to your next party. 

When I was trying to think of fun decorations I could make for my friend's gender reveal party, I came across a lot of pictures on Pinterest for different tissue garland. I was a little nervous to attempt this project because tissue paper is so thin and I figured it would be difficult to work with, but it was actually a pretty simple project (and inexpensive, which Dan always appreciates)!

You can choose whatever colors you want. I went for pink, blue, brown and silver since we weren't sure whether the babies were boys or girls. I bought one package of tissue paper for each color at a local party store. Four packages of tissue yielded about 25 tassels, so you may need more depending on how many sheets come in a package and how long you want your garland to be.  Here's how I made mine:

Take one piece of tissue paper and fold it in half and then fold it in half the other direction

Take a rotary cutter and cut thin strips leaving about an inch uncut at the top. I tried using scissors and they worked fine if that's all you have, but I found the rotary cutter made the process much easier and it went much faster. 

This is what it will look like once all the stips are cut. Unfold the tissue and you will have a fairly long strand. I would then cut this in half to make two different sheets and in turn, two individuals tassels.

Then unfold the tissue paper, set one section aside and lay it flat. 

Start from one end and tightly roll the tissue paper (please excuse my awkward fingers) 

Once it is rolled, fold the tassel in half and wrap it on itself to create a hole. Once It was like this, I used some tape to keep the tassel from unraveling. (I didn't see this on other tutorials, but this really helped keep them all in place) 

Once I had all of my tassels complete, I strung each one on some string, tying each one in place so that they didn't bunch. 

I hope you try this simple decor project for your next party! It was easy and inexpensive to make and added a fun touch to the decorations! Doing all these projects and party planning has made me realize I could be pretty happy being a party planner - spending my days roaming the aisles at Michaels, sewing bunting, and browsing pinterest . . . that sounds like a pretty great set up!


  1. So cute!! thanks for sharing! I can make this for a photography back drop for babies :)

  2. So great!! I have wondering how to DIY these at home! :)

    Thanks for sharing, pretty lady! Xo

  3. Awesome!! I'm so glad you showed how to make these. Yours turned out super cute. I've seen them all over and have never seen a how-to post.