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Motivating Myself . . . And Some Cash Always Helps!

Monday, April 21, 2014

With the changing of seasons and all the inspiration from other blogger's outfit posts, I can get a little bogged down with thinking about what I need that will motivate me to loose the weight I've wanted to loose, or what new items will brighten my mood and make me excited for the change in season. So instead of scouring pinterest all day looking at motivating pictures that I seem to forget as quickly as I find them, I've teamed up with some fabulous ladies to bring you some cash to boost your motivation! 

For me, when it comes to exercise, I am far more motivated if I feel good about how I look when I'm working out. If I feel like crap, my workout is going to be crap. I mean, everyone wants to match and feel cute when they workout, right?!? My husband always laughs at me because even when I workout I like everything to match, from my shoes to my socks, my shirt to my headband. I just want to feel put together, even when I'm going to get all sweaty! Please tell me I'm not alone! :) 

Even if that's just me, no one wants to turn down some cash! And that's just what we've got for you! If you win, you get $130 big ones to put towards whatever you want! New workout gear, a massage, some new spring wardrobe pieces . . . whatever your little heart desires! 

Look at some of the fabulous ideas we've come up with to spend your money on! If you're at all like me, when the sun starts shining, you feel much more guilty about not getting your butt in shape and spending some time outdoors. And what better way to motivate yourself than with some new workout gear, all of which i'm eyeballing…especially those leggings!
source | ipod // fuel band // leggings // water bottle // shoes
and when you've finished up drooling over these goodies have a looky-lou below because we've got some more eye-candy for you. 

the wonderful ladies who've brought you this glorious fitness-inspired giveaway. 

the good news is the giveaway is cash. so if getting motivated to sweat isn't your thing…buy yourself a starbucks and something from j.crew and call it a day. 

we're all winners here, people. 
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show some love and get busy on your entries. 

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  1. New and cute workout clothes make a huge difference :)

  2. My mom (who loved to ride her road bike for fitness when I was younger) would always wear stylish riding gear and say "If you can't be fast, at least look fast." :) So I fully support looking good while working out!

  3. Hi Libby, thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad to be a part of this giveaway with you, cute blog!