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Role models and not so secret admirers

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I was driving home yesterday through the hills and backroads that I take every day that allow me to take a deep breath after a long workday and relax a little before getting home. Yesterday I had come across a write yourself happy linkup, so on my drive home yesterday I started to think about what I might write about for the prompt today. Who are five people you completely admire and role model. There are many people in my life who I admire and look up to, but I decided to share a few personal people I admire as well as a couple celebrities I look up to, cause I mean what fun would a list like this be without a couple celebrities :)

One & Two: My Mother and Father- I'm sure many people would answer their parents in some fashion, but I whole heartedly believe that they are my biggest role models.

After an exciting day at work, they are they people I want to celebrate with (which I actually did last night), if I'm sad, they are right there to pick me up, and when I'm lost, they are there to provide me direction and insight. These two people provided me a home and love when they didn't have to. They raised me and loved me more than anyone could ever hope to have their parents care for them. And they supported me through the emotional roller coaster to find my birth parents and explore my background. I'm amazed and inspired by the strength they posses, to open their hearts to a baby and struggle with the thought of having to give that new baby back, to raise a child and then have to go through the process of watching that child search for and meet people that could potentially borrow or take some of their heart. Through tough times and wonderful ones, both of my parents have always put my brother and I first. They have excelled in their careers and have taught me to never give up on my dreams. Not only am I their biggest cheerleader, but they are mine as well. I would absolutely not be the woman I am today without them in my lives.

Three: My Grandmother. While she may not be here to sit and to with or go for a walk with, she will always be a part of my thoughts and aspirations. She is the strongest woman I have ever met. Not only did she teach me that I can do absolutely anything I want to, she showed me what it means to be passionate about something and to show compassion for others. There are very few people who will walk up to a complete stranger and give them a hug in the grocery story because they appear to be having a bad day, but not Shirley. When my mom was growing up, my grandparents were in charge of the Welcome Wagon, meaning she would help welcome new families to the community. She believed that everyone should be equal, even at a time where most people didn't. She believed these things so whole heartedly that she stood up to threats in order to support a new family who moved to two whom other's didn't want their because of their race. She is the most determined person I've ever known, convincing employers to hire her and being confident in herself that she could do anything she put her mind to. I'm thankful that I not only had 22 years of memories and time with her, but that I will now always share the same anniversary with her and my grandfather.

Four: Giuliana Rancic - I hope Erin won't mind that I'm borrowing one of her BFF's for this list. Don't worry Erin, I won't try to budge in on your BFF status, I'll just admire her from afar (in a non-creepy/non-stalkerish way). Okay I'm going to share why I admire her before I come off looking like any more of a freak. So back to Giuliana. Besides her awesome fashion, adorable family, and five star restaurants, there are a lot of things I find really inspiring about her story. Before she could even speak english, she knew she wanted to be a reporter and she worked hard and never gave up her dream. One of the most inspiring parts of her story is how she has turned some of her own struggles in to a way to give back and inspire others. Her openness about her journey with cancer, provides not only a sense of connection but it promotes early detection and prevention strategies. Her strength throughout that journey and the amazing ways she has turned a struggle into a triumph are admirable and inspiring. But it isn't all about her triumphs and career. I adore her relationship with Bill (her husband) and her willingness to be goofy and enjoy life. It can be so easy to get busy in the every day tasks and feel like you constantly have to be professional and put together, that you forget to have fun. Her constant positive attitude and outlook on life inspire others to remember to enjoy every moment.

Five: Molly Mesnick - Now if I could have a celebrity BFF like Erin always talks about having, Molly would definitely be my choice! Everyone may remember her from Jason's season of the Bachelor with the controversial after the final rose episode, but I remember her from their recent podcasts and her new spot on one of Seattle's morning shows. I've been an avid follower of their podcast series This Is Reality, and if you haven't listened to them, you should! I swear sometimes I am listening to my husband and I. From her home decor, her love of Justin Timberlake, to her love for throwing an amazing party, I would love to be her friend. She inspires me to follow my dreams and makes me feel like it's okay that I love to go over the top on little details for a party. She's a mom, a hard worker, an awesome wife, and a DIY/Party Planning enthusiast. What could be better? I'm inspired by their relationship and how even though they were put through such scrutiny, they stay true to themselves and their family. Molly, if you're ever looking for a new BFF or crafting buddy . . . let me know :)

So there you have it, five people I admire! Who do you admire? Join us on this linkup and Write Yourself Happy!

Write Yourself Happy


  1. Thanks for linking up Libby! I too said my parents and grandparents and we both chose people who worked their asses off to get where they are and never gave up. Thanks for your insight on Molly, I never knew! Hope to see you back next week!

  2. Stopping by from the link up and wanted to say I almost placed Guiliana on my list too - I so admire her and simply love her. She makes me happy. Nice to find your blog!