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Saving money is no fun!

Monday, April 7, 2014

I've been trying hard these past few weeks to really watch my spending and try to save as much money as I can. (Disregard the trip to Kohl's I made on Saturday) But as I try and try and try to save money, I just keep realizing how little fun it is! Dan and I have been really focused on trying to save for a down payment on a new house. We've been in the one we're in for about five years and we want to move to something a little bigger before we start a family and before the interest rates go up. So while I'm spending every waking and sleeping minute dreaming about that new home, I'm left struggling to save ever penny to make that dream become a reality! Here are a few reasons saving money is just not any fun!

1. I wake up to this today! Justin Timberlake announcing more tour dates in the US starting in Portland and tickets go on sale tomorrow. Really? I am going to struggle to maintain my self control and not buy tickets to the highlight of my year and the best concert I've ever been to!

2. I live in the middle of wine county, who doesn't want to spend every weekend at a winery? I know that I do! I'm sending my emails to the wine clubs today to cancel my membership, at least for now. I mean, I already have more wine that I have storage space, so a few months off won't hurt my collection much. (Luckily my parents still belong to 6 so I can still drink for free with them. Seriously, come visit me . . . you'll understand how convenient it is. There's 10 wineries closer than the nearest target #totallynotcomplaining)

3. Both my half sisters are graduating in May, one from high school and one from college. I would love to be able to travel back to Ohio to celebrate with them, but with tickets costing over $500 right now, I'm not sure that really falls in to my budget :(

4a.  Did I mention Justin Timberlake is coming to Portland? Sorry I just can't get over this!!

4b. I'm addicted to Pinterest and constantly coming up with new DIY projects and Vintage/Antique pieces that I absolutely have to have would love! But I held back yesterday when we visited a couple of antique shops and just browsed instead of bought . . . I'm getting better!

5. Summertime is coming and I follow so many fabulous fashion bloggers and it makes me want a new summer wardrobe, plus summertime = baseball season which means there's a whole new line of Braves gear I want need and tickets to a game where they play in Seattle that I must buy! (some things are non-negotiable)

See why I'm struggling to increase that savings account of mine? What ways do you use to save money? I'll take all the tips I can get . . . especially if any include convincing me that I absolutely need to go to that concert!


  1. I AGREE. IT'S NO FUN AT ALL!! Disregard my trip to Old Navy this weekend...I'm going to pretend like that never happened. We're trying to do the exact same thing and save for a house, hopefully by the fall. And all I can think about is all the cute stuff I want to buy for our future home that doesn't exist yet. Sigh.

  2. I saw Justin in November, should I lie and tell you it was a horrible concert ;)

  3. I've been trying not to use my credit card (I pay it off every month -don't worry - no debt) but its HARD to not spend money!!!!

  4. Girl I have been saving for my wedding and saving is soooooo tough!!!!

  5. I commend your self control! I keep saying we need to save more money but I don't actually do it; I still buy stuff I don't need at target and eat our when I could eat at home. I will be buying summer concert tickets though; we never vacation and summer events are our "fun" for the year :) Keep it up, that new house will make it all worth it!

  6. You're so right! I HATE saving money... But love it so much! :-)