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A Lesson In Engagement Pictures

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It's been almost four years to the day that we had our engagement pictures taken. I can't believe everything we've been through and experienced together since this day! It makes me think about the Brad Paisley lyrics "I thought I loved you then".

Well enough of the mushy gushy stuff . . . I decided to share these pictures today because
1. It's wedding Wednesday
2. Who doesn't love engagement pictures
3. I have something important to share

So we'll run with #3. These weren't the first pictures we had taken to use as our engagements. We had set aside a day with our photographer, who was also our friend to meet up at the beach. The Oregon coast holds a lot of great memories for us, including our engagement so we thought it would be fun to take our engagement pictures there. It was an overcast afternoon and we had lots of fun running through the water and walking all over the beach. I couldn't wait to get the images back! I got a text while I was at work one evening that said the pictures were ready and she was posting them online. Dan decided to meet me on my break so that we could look at them for the first time together. As soon as I looked through all of them once I was crushed. Tears ran down my face and the lump in my stomach ached. I was embarrassed to show these images to our friends and family and sad with how I looked.

I didn't know what to do. There were only a couple close ups of us that I felt like we could use for an announcement and in almost every image I felt like the camera literally added 40 pounds. Did I really look like that? I had never seen myself this way in my head or in the mirror, but maybe that's how I really look.

After being crushed for days, I finally decided that I needed to say something. Our photographer was more than understanding and even offered to go shopping with me to pick out a fun new outfit to make me feel awesome for our picture redo. She was awesome and we ended up with images that portray us so well! Not only did she give us engagement pictures that we love, but it also helped her and I talk through the things I liked and disliked so when it came to our wedding we got exactly what we wanted!

Moral of the story, make sure to be honest and let your photographer or any other person you're working with throughout your wedding process know if you aren't 100% happy. This is your wedding, and a day that will hopefully only happen once in your life. I was so glad that I shared my feelings and ended up with something I will cherish forever! Okay enough of me talking . . . time for the pictures!!


  1. I love these pics girl, I think you 2 are adorable. When we got married we were 20 and 22 and paying for it all on our own, the ONLY thing I regret is not having professional photography done, engagement or wedding. Ugh, It makes me want to cry thinking about it! I think we are going to have to have a 10 year renewal and do things the right way ;)

  2. Ahh - your pictures are great.
    Being a photographer, I know when people aren't comfortable, you can see it in pictures... so glad you spoke up & worked it out to where you were comfortable.

  3. Beautiful photos! So glad you were able to get some that you were happy with. They turned out great!!!

  4. These photos are beautiful and what gorgeous scenery!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  5. Your photos are beautiful! Good on you for talking with your photographer - I probably would haven't said anything and just been crushed the entire time. But for that amount of money you want to be happy with your photos. I think they turned out beautifully :-)