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An Evening with Mutch Mayhem & Push La Tush - Portland Roller Derby

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

We've been swamped the last few weeks with house meetings, packing, family get togethers, work, and fire department events, so when I realized Dan would have a Friday night off, I wanted to do something fun. We get so comfortable just staying home every night and emptying the DVR that I wanted to do something different, and that's just what we did.

Over the least year or so, my parents along with a few of our friends have gotten really in to roller derby. Thats right, roller derby. Meaning women in crazy make up, with hilarious names, on roller skates! Trust me, it's as amazing as it sounds! Our friends invited us to go to a bout (that's what they call a match or game) with them. And not only did we get to enjoy some awesome entertainment and people watching, but we also got picked to take part in the half-time show.

Portland has a league called the Rose City Rollers, which consists of 4 home teams, 2 travel teams and a junior team. Anyone can join a team, which is awesome cause our friend wants to join! They even have a recreational team where as long as you have skates and gear you can play and improve your skills. (Maybe I should do that . . . . naaaa, I'd just break my butt)

I'd almost consider it just because of the names . . .
Jala Pain Yo
Mutch Mayhem
Scrappy Go Lucky
Push La Tush
Untamed Shrew
Whippet Good
Scald Eagle 
Roller Eclipse
What would your name be? 

The bout consists of two 30 minute periods. And of course there's a halftime. We (all 4 of us)  got picked out of the crowd to participate with 6 other people in a marshmallow stuffing contest. Basically they would hand us a marshmallow, we would stuff it in our mouth and try to say roller derby. If you could say it, they would hand you another marshmallow. I ended up successfully getting 8 in before I could no longer talk. Our friend Josh (the winner) got a total of 13. (Clearly I don't have as big a mouth as I thought I did.) It was a fairly immuring, yet extremely messy way to entertain the crowd.

The Winner

See . . . . super attractive! 

Yep, that's my husband 

I won't get in to every detail and rule . . . but if you have roller derby in your area, it's definitely worth a night out to watch! This was our first time, but it definitely won't be our last. (We actually already have tickets for next weekend!) I hope you'll look in your area to see if there's a league near you! Maybe you'll even end up in a marshmallow stuffing contest too! Have you ever been to a bout? What would your name be if you decided to play?


  1. How fun! Omg those marshmallow pics cracked me up!!

  2. Roller derby?! How fun! -ps I would dominate a marshmallow eating contest, love them! hahaha

  3. Funnn!! I've always wanted to go to a Derby game! I've heard they are so fun!

  4. this looks so fun/funny! glad I found your blog!

  5. How fun! I think the best dates are dates that are different than what you normally do :)
    I don't even think we have a Roller Derby league in Atlanta, or if we do I have no idea where it is. Looks super neat though!