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Kah-Nee-Ta Getaway

Monday, June 2, 2014

This weekend was all about enjoying as much sunshine as possible . . . and that's exactly what I did! One of my favorite parts about living in Oregon is the fact that there are so many different terrains in just our state alone. One Saturday morning we packed up the car and drove out of the valley, over the mountains, and to the dessert to enjoy a night away with some of our best friends! Instead of buying Christmas gifts for each other this past year, we decided that we would put that money towards a night away together. When we spotted Kah-Nee-Tah on groupon we scooped it up! We spent time by the pool, played cards, shared lots of laughs, and worked on our tans! After a busy work week, it was a much needed recharge getaway!

They have a few different options for rooms. You can stay in there lodge, in their village rooms closer to one of the pools, they have teepees and you can also rent camping spaces. We ended up getting a lodge room and just sharing it. It was nothing fancy, but all we really needed.

They have two different pools, one up by the lodge which is a bit smaller and less crowded and on down by the village. The village pool includes two awesome watersides, which we obviously had to test out. If you're a guest at the resort you get in for free, and all you have to pay is for the waterside wristband which costs $4 for unlimited rides. We found out after riding the slides for a while that no one seemed to check for wristbands, but we followed the rules anyways. The pools are mineral pools and heated from hot springs water. The pool with the watersides was 92 degrees which was a little warm for my taste, but the other pool was only 86 which felt a bit more refreshing. Either way, you definitely weren't too cold.

The views from everywhere on the resort are pretty amazing, which is good because there's not much else there. It was nice to walk around and enjoy the scenery and enjoy the peacefulness of the outdoors.

What did you do for fun this weekend?


  1. yes, i'd say that definatley looks peaceful!! i LOVE water slides!!! just hate when you plunge into the pool and the water goes up your nose :)

  2. Wow - such great pictures. Full of blue & green... nature is so beautiful... so are beautiful swimming pools :)

  3. Gorgeous! I've yet to go swimming and I'm so ready! Love your dress, you look great :)

  4. OMG what a gorgeous weekend! Thanks for linking up today! xo

  5. What fun!!! Now you've got me itching to go to Kah-Nee-Ta!

  6. Love that Maxi! Where did you get it?
    I want to go to a water park :)

  7. That pool looked heavenly!! Love your dress!! Thanks so much for linking up!! :)

  8. Looks like a blast! Those waterslides look fun and the views are gorgeous!

  9. I love Oregon! My grandparents live in Redmond (near Bend). We go visit them every summer and they always take us somewhere new. I love the dessert where they live, the forests, the farmland in the eastern end of the state and the coast too. We really have thought of moving there.

    I found you through the BeYouTiful link up.