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Summer Bucket List

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I'm taking Erin's fabulous idea and running with it. Well not actually running because then I would finish this post, but you get the picture. I love her thought about how much better resolutions are in the summer months than in rainy cold January. The weather in Oregon has been absolutely beautiful, so summer has been on my mind all the time. But I'm finding more and more, that as you get older time speeds up. And even though I am only 26, I'm not sure where time is going. I'm convinced that I'm going to blink and summer will be over, so in order to actually do something fun, I better make a list! So let's skip all the crazy small talk and get to my summer bucket list. Feel free to follow in my footsteps or join me in my summertime adventures!

- Go floating for a day. Bonus points (are we really getting points for completion?) for floating on a swan float! And after reading Erin's post about her canoeing adventure with 50 of her closest friends, a friends day of floating is a definite must! 
I mean, who doesn't need that?!? 

- Move out of our house and start designing our new one being built! If you haven't seen my 3 million house inspired pinterest pins, then you're probably living under a rock, or for some weird reason not following me on pinterest. I'm so excited to get to pick out everything with Dan and get to truly design the entire house! 

- Take Cooper swimming for the first time.

- Go to a concert - Luckily I already have several planned for the coming months

- Work on fixing up the beach house - stain the deck, put up a fence, cut down some trees . . . weekend work (meaning I'll supervise Dan while he completes it all, just kidding)

- See a braves baseball game - lucky for me, I already have tickets to a braves game when they come to Seattle in August!! 

- Have a BBQ with friends - unfortunately we are going to be moving out of our house in the next month and living with a friend, so I probably need to plan this sooner than later! 

- Go to the zoo - I may sound like I'm 12 but aside from zoo lights (where you really don't get to see any animals) I haven't been to the zoo in years! 

- Visit my birth mom and her family in Ohio 

- Take Dan Zip Lining - because how on earth does being attached to a tiny rope 30 feet in the air when you're terrified of heights not sound like a good idea? 

- Run another half marathon - I will get to check this off the bucket list in 3 weeks! 

- Enjoy lots of time in the sunshine with my hubby and my favorite puppy!! 

What do you want to make sure you do this summer? What's on your summer bucket list? 


  1. Yes like a really fun and achievable bucket list! Good luck!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. Such a great list. I am dying to go zip lining. We don't have anywhere close to us that does that, but if I ever find somewhere, I will be there in a heartbeat!

  3. GREAT list! Can I come to your friend bbq ;) I wish! Girl, I love baseball and a Braves game would be the BEST!

  4. I'm wanting to go to out of town to a science museum - we always have so much fun at those things.

  5. Fun!! These are great ideas, I hope you get to do every single one! Summer bbq's are my faves :-) good luck on your half girl!

  6. How are you ever going to settle on one color or one design for each room?! There are so much great inspiration on pinterest, it's so hard to pick just one!
    I think you've set yourself some good goals to complete before the summer is over, I may have to steal a few of them, like a tubing/floating day!

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