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Weekends are for beer, friends, and festivals

Monday, June 9, 2014

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and that you had gorgeous summer weather like we have been having here in Oregon. 

Fridays when Dan's off are definitely date nights. I hate cooking after a work week and enjoy getting out of the house and catching up after a long week. We went to sushi after work and then of course hit up a few subdivisions where we knew some new homes were being built. I'm always looking for new ideas, or honestly just nosey when it comes to new homes. We drove around for a while, got some ideas for our new place and ended the evening at a local brewery playing cards and chatting with a friend. Definitely the perfect way to end the week! 

Saturday morning I woke up early, finished reading A Fault In Our Stars (which you should definitely read if you haven't) and decided to take the puppy for a walk/run to get my minutes in for the 1000in30 challenge. We logged a couple miles and enjoyed some sunshine!

Saturday afternoon I got to catch up with some old co-workers. As Dan likes to say, they were coworkers and now they are friends, because apparently you can't be friends with your coworkers while you're working together. Anyways, we caught up over happy hour and enjoyed more time outdoors! 

Sunday was date day. We have a super busy week coming up, and with wildfires starting around the state, I will be living in a state of fear/constantly wondering if my husband is going to have to leave to fight one of those fires, so we made it a point to spend the day together. We had breakfast with my dad (one of our weekend traditions) and then headed to Portland for the Fruit Beer Festival. It was gorgeous weather, we got to try lots of new local beers and I got to work on my tan. Win, Win, Win! 

After the fruit beer festival we stopped by a brewery we've been wanting to visit since it was just blocks from the festival called Base Camp Brewing. One thing about Portland, is you can always find a good beer, and this place didn't disappoint! We will definitely be back!

How could you go wrong with a smores stout with a roasted marshmallow as part of your drink? 

We finished the weekend with a walk and some relaxing time on the couch. All and all a pretty great weekend! 

What did you do this weekend? Where are your favorite places to visit in your city? 


  1. What a fun weekend girl :) I love hanging out on Riverside or downtown in Tulsa, being outside down there when the weather is nice just makes me happy!

  2. Dog walks & fun outtings with the hubs? You had a good one. I hate beer... hate it... but fruit beer? I'd be curious to try that.

  3. I don't like beer, but you got my attention with the word "marshmallow".

  4. Fruit Beer Festival!?! I need alcoholic beverages now that this wedding is over! I need to come hang out with yall!

  5. I wish I likes beer! It always sounds like such fun. And I can totally relate on being nosy about house designs, heck my and my husband use to browse Lowes in our spare time to see how we would decorate lol! Pup walks are the best I have three furry kids and love them!! Yay for stellar weekends!

  6. I just cannot do beer. I have tried. Haha I am a bourbon girl through and through. But strangely enough, I love visiting breweries.

  7. Oohhh do please tell more about that smores stout!

  8. Looks like you had a great weekend! That beer sure sounds interesting :)

    -Rosy A Joyful Kind of Life

  9. That sounds like the PERFECT weekend!

  10. What a great weekend! Glad you got to enjoy some time outside in the nice weather!

  11. I'm a wildland firefighter too. Pretty slow season so far...